Solution to World Fisherman

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by Nathan Pinsker

In this puzzle, you're tasked with catching the five Legendary Fish. However, we have no clue how to go about doing it — so we must start by catching normal fish. The rules for catching normal fish are described in the solution for Catch and Release.

As we catch fish, we may notice that the plaque for each fish also has a sticky note with a word on it. Reading the notes sequentially for each pool yields an instruction. Performing that instruction and then fishing at that pool will yield the Legendary Fish for that location.

Charles River


put five people under the dock

Send five teammates to the "Under the Dock" area beneath the Sailing Pavilion. Then have a sixth teammate fish to catch the legendary, Rock Smobster.

Rock Smobster

Building 26 Basement


change hair color to lemon chiffon

Change your hair color to lemon chiffon (#FFFACD), then fish to catch the legendary, Silver Swordfish.

Silver Swordfish

Killian Court


enter shabby pokemon national number repeated twice

"Shabby pokemon" refers to Feebas (#349), a famously difficult Pokémon to catch. Enter "349349" into the nearby Minerva cluster, then fish to catch the legendary, Kyogre.


⊥IW Chapel


type serendipity before reeling

Cast your line, type "serendipity" on your keyboard, and then reel it in to catch the legendary, Queen Cakefish.

Queen Cakefish

Athletics Field


submit phrase otherworldly fish for this puzzle through Hunt website

Upon submitting "OTHERWORLDLY FISH" to the Hunt website, teams received the instructions: Draw us a fish and send it to us as a PNG image. After teams emailed us a fish drawing, we would then get back to them with the following email:

Dear [team name],

Thank you for your fish drawing! We're not sure what prompted you to send us this, but Cameron's a huge fan nonetheless. He put it up on our bulletin board for the whole lab to see.

Also—our instruments have sensed that something has changed in ⊥IW. Perhaps if you're really patient, you can catch a glimpse of something special.


After receiving the email, simply cast your line, wait 15 seconds, and then reel in, to catch the legendary, Otherworldly Fish. Its graphic will match the image that teams sent us.

Once you've caught all five Legendary Fish, you'll automatically complete the field goal, obtaining the answer O'DONOGHUE'S.

Author’s Notes

In the words of Yoko Taro, JRPG needs fishing, so we had to put a fishing puzzle in somewhere. A video game just doesn't feel quite right without fishing, does it?

I got a lot of interest in fish drawings, and many Trendsetters submitted doodles! I was originally hoping to have an "MSPaint"-style round, and teams would submit their drawing as the legendary for that round, but the fishing portion was already a little long (even spread across two achievements), so it got cut.

Here are some of the other Trendsetters' drawings:

Swordfish Jurgfish Trorndsorter Sclamm Finnish

Some of our favorite drawings that we received from participating teams:

Phish Pearl Readability
Gentlefish Gawey Traitors
Business Fish Spore Giant
Anglerfish Team Chaos
Coolfish Left as an Exercise for the Reader
Fishsif Palindrome
Wafflefish Wafflehaüs
Chainsawfish Puzzkill
Immoral, Illegal & Fishing Immoral, Illegal, and Fattening
Angelfish We Can't Hear You You're On Mute
Pufferfish An Attempt Was Made
Aetherfish Monkey-Fighting Snakes on a Monday-to-Friday Plane
Projectionfish Team Left Out
Stockfish Libra Complexity
Mermaid 🚀🚀🚀
ACABfish Non-Abelian Rage Theory
BFish 🅱️uzzle Idiots

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to the amazing artists who contributed fish!