World Fisherman

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started, what

Each normal fish that you catch has a sticky note with a word on it. If you read the words in order, you'll reveal an instruction that just might point you in the right direction...

smobster, dock, under

The instruction is "put five people under the dock". "Under the dock" refers to the area beneath the Sailing Pavilion. You'll need a sixth person to fish while the five people are under the dock. Once you go down the stairs in the Sailing Pavilion, make sure all five people stay in that room.

color, 26, lake

The message is "set hair color to lemon chiffon". Lemon chiffon has the HTML code #FFFACD, or (255, 250, 205).

killian, pokemon

The message is "enter shabby pokemon national number repeated twice". "Shabby Pokemon" refers to Feebas, with National Pokedex number 349.

chapel, cakefish, strawberry, cake

The message is "type serendipity before reeling". Try typing "serendipity" on your keyboard before reeling your catch in!

athletics, wait

The message is "submit phrase otherworldly fish for this puzzle through Hunt website". If you've gone through that, sent an email, received a reply, and you're having trouble catching the legendary fish, be patient! -- wait at least 15 seconds or so before reeling in.

Yew Labs anticipates that you will need to use the Projection Device for this puzzle.