Solution to Violet Coins In Space

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by Herman Chau

This field goal takes place in ⊥IW.giga and requires enough puzzles to be solved for the fixed bridge to appear. On the top island is a violet button that when pressed spawns 21 violet coins. A 15 second timer also begins to tick down and in order to complete the field goal, we must collect all 21 violet coins in 15 seconds. This field goal requires multiple teammates to help out and collect violet coins simultaneously. If we had a large enough team, we could complete the field goal fairly easily by having 21 teammates each stand right next to a coin. However, it is also possible to collect all 21 violet coins with 5 teammates or fewer. Below is a map of ⊥IW.giga and one suggestion for how to divide the 21 purple coins among 5 teammates.

Image of ⊥IW.giga showing the locations of the 21 violet coins with red markings indicating a suggested divison of the coins into five groups.

Once all 21 violet coins are collected we complete the field goal and are rewarded with the answer NINJA BOOTS.