Solution to Untitled Goose Goals

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by Herman Chau

There is a student in Lobby 10 with a goose hat whom we can talk to. If we talk to them we then receive a goose hat of our own. A todo list is now also available to us and can be viewed by hovering our mouse over it. The contents of the todo list are as below.

  • press x HONKo HONKonk
  • wHONKite "Honk! Honk!" on a whHONKteboard
  • honk at a HONKar
  • stHONKal HONK HONKrash can
  • HONKHONKlfer HONK spiHONKning dHONKnut

In order to complete the field goal, we must complete these various tasks. The state of the task completion is shared among our entire team. Various letters in the first five tasks are replaced with the word HONK. These replaced letters go in the final task to spell out "honk THRICE AT PIANO". Below are the tasks with the letters replaced and a description of how to complete them.

Task Explanation
press x to honk This is a tutorial task to learn how to honk.
write "Honk! Honk!" on a whiteboard Find any whiteboard around campus and write the exact string "Honk! Honk!" without quotes.
honk at a car There is a car blocking the way by the Charles River. Honk at it.
steal a trash can There are trash cans throughout the Infinite Corridor and also in Lobby 7. Press space when near them to steal.
pilfer a spinning donut There are some spinning donuts in Building 14. Press space when near them to pilfer.
honk thrice at piano There is a music room in Building 4 with a piano. Honk 3 times at it.

Once we complete all our tasks we are done with the field goal and receive our answer XY RECORDER.