Unraveling the Mystery

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Someone's called in a bunch of incorrect answers! It wasn't anyone on your team, though. Take a look at the dates of the call-ins -- what might have happened then? The information you need should all be on one website you already know about, although you might need a search engine to navigate it.

hunt, answer

Each guess is the correct answer to a previous Mystery Hunt puzzle. However, as you can see, they're all marked incorrect. Why might that be? You will need to read the puzzle solutions.

clue, phrase

Each answer was extracted using a cluephrase in its original puzzle, but the intervening years have rendered it inaccurate or incomplete. You need to find a recent alternate answer for each cluephrase. (For example, if one of the cluephrases were LAST YEAR SUPER BOWL CHAMPION, you might want to try KANSAS CITY CHIEFS.) You can call in any of the cluephrases and answers for confirmation with no penalty.


Order by the hour in the timestamp, and use the minutes and seconds to index.

I’m sure these answers were right! Why’s it saying they’re incorrect? Well, good thing there aren’t any guess limits on this puzzle…