Treasure Maps

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These maps use graphics from real video games. Do you recognize any of them? The third one might be a good place to start. It might help to observe that they're all of the retro/pixel graphics variety.

celeste, identify

These games might be hard to identify depending on what games you've played. It might help to narrow your search to know that they're all indie, pixel-graphics games. The numbers at the bottom are enumerations for the game titles.

identified, oneshot, cave

The assets in each map seem to be awfully coherent. Perhaps they're all taken from the same location in their source games?

identified, oneshot, cave

Each map is constructed using assets from one game and map geometry from another. These edges come together to form a cycle.

cycle, remaining, celeste, minit, shovel, axiom

There are some commonalities between these games that might help to narrow your search. The enumerations for the game titles provided at the bottom might also be helpful.

By the way, the last few games can be tough to identify. Perhaps you might want to start on extraction.

extract, cycle, index, titles

The game titles aren't relevant any more once you've identified the games. This puzzle is all about the treasure.

cycle, items, hard, difficult

The assets used in each map come from the same place where the map geometry and item are from in its corresponding other map. Let's Play and item walkthrough videos could be a useful tool in this step.

extract, cycle, items, scores

Add up the scores along the cycle to get an index at each location.









(5) (6) (7) (7) (4 5) (5 5) (6 6) (2 3 4)