The Lexicographer Looks After His Own

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There are 16 images and 16 dictionary definitions, so they should be matched in some way. The matching mechanism may seem unclear at first, so try looking at the first letter of each definition (excluding the part-of-speech specifier).

picture, image

Each image depicts the definition of a word, as defined in Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary, which is usually a wry and witty definition that significantly differs from the traditional definition.

For example, the three TCG cards share the common property that they cannot attack.

devil, idiom

Take a look at some of the odd phrases that appear in the dictionary definitions, such as "speak of the world", "god in disguise", and "gods incarnate". Is there a common thing that all of these phrases have? Or rather, don't have?


Each dictionary definition has the same number of words as the corresponding word from Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary.

In addition, each dictionary definition is hiding a devil idiom within it. Try making use of both of these facts together.

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v.t. Beget yourself a handsome person's love.

n. Ideologue who may care if you draw pentagrams.

n. Employment that requires a careful dance with the party line.

n. Rear-alley quack who advises, "as you stir better the symptom you know subsides."

n. Certainly a questionable side if accompanying a scrambled eggs dish.

n. Every single god in disguise still desires this attention.

n. Diction of scholars who speak of the world.

n. In which Georg Cantor's staircase is examined.

adj. Charged because judge didn't give the accused his due process adequately.

n. This fellow trembles hearing folk tales.

n. Intrinsic moral value is in the details of this pursuit.

adj. Outputting fields, or having whale of a time.

n. Notably the lazy bastard's advocate.

n. An aggressive "raise the flag" signal.

n. Relocated Tasmanian mammal that enjoys plantains.

n. Your vehicle, unneeded by gods incarnate.