The Greatest Jigsaw

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red herring, fish

The image is a red herring because it is only used for assembling the puzzle. Once you've assembled the puzzle, it is no longer used.

stuck, gentle

How many unique symbols are there?


You need to fill in a number or symbol on each square of the 11 x 11 grid.

The number grid is a 11x11 Latin Square.

unique, latin, sudoku

The Latin square by itself doesn't have anything close to a unique solution, so you need to get more constraints from somewhere else. It may be useful to think about why this puzzle was presented as a jigsaw puzzle.

unique, latin, sudoku

It's useful to look at the shapes of the jigsaw pieces (in particular, look at the ones with 9s and 0s on them).

giving it away

If jigsaw piece X pokes into jigsaw piece Y, and they both have digits, then the digit on X must be greater than the digit on Y. You can use this to solve the logic puzzle uniquely without any additional constraints on the sigmas.

sigma, gentle

The sigma suggests that you want to sum something up. Summing up all the adjacent numbers doesn't seem to give anything (not to mention that one of the sums is greater than 26), but that ignores the directionality of the pieces next to the sigmas.

sigma, letter

Each sigma can be replaced by at least one number that satisfies the greater-than constraints from adjacent pieces. Sum up all possible replacement numbers and turn them into letters using A=1, B=2, etc.

This is a physical puzzle, consisting of a jigsaw puzzle with 121 pieces. If your team has access to the jigsaw swag, you should feel free to open and solve it now. If you believe any part of your physical puzzle is missing or damaged, please contact us immediately using the “Hints” link in the upper-right corner of the page.

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