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by Brian Chen, Connor Moss, Evan Chen, Mark, Max Murin, Rahul Sridhar, Anderson Wang, Yannick Yao

Solvers are presented with 15 descriptions of anonymous donations made to the Mystery Hunt. Each description indicates the amount of money donated and also contains clues as to the donor’s identity, which is always a notable fictional character. By identifying a few donors and googling them, we can realize that all 15 donors are fictional characters on the 2013 Forbes Fictional 15 list (the most recent list, as mentioned by the flavortext).

As clued by the flavortext, each donation is an integer percentage of the character’s estimated net worth. The descriptions are ordered by the amount of money donated, from least to greatest. Converting the percentages to letters (1 = A, 2 = B, …) and re-sorting the list by the characters’ net worths yields the cluephrase UK MONEY TWO WORDS. The answer to the puzzle is then POUND STERLING.

Source MaterialCharacterNet Worth (billions of dollars)Donation Amount%
Downton AbbeyLady Mary Crawley1.1$44,000,000.004D
The Great GatsbyJay Gatsby1$190,000,000.0019S
Tomb RaiderLara Croft1.3$195,000,000.0015O
MonopolyMr. Monopoly1.2$216,000,000.0018R
The SimpsonsC. Montgomery Burns1.5$225,000,000.0015O
Two and Half MenWalden Schmidt1.3$299,000,000.0023W
Game of ThronesTywin Lannister1.8$414,000,000.0023W
BatmanBruce Wayne9.2$460,000,000.005E
50 Shades of GreyChristian Grey2.5$500,000,000.0020T
Richie Rich comicsRichie Rich5.8$1,450,000,000.0025Y
Citizen KaneCharles Foster Kane11.2$1,568,000,000.0014N
Iron ManTony Stark12.4$1,860,000,000.0015O
The HobbitSmaug54.1$5,951,000,000.0011K
TwilightCarlisle Cullen46$5,980,000,000.0013M
DisneyScrooge McDuck65.4$13,734,000,000.0021U

Authors’ Notes

This was one of several puzzles written during a group puzzle-writing session.