Thank You to Our Sponsors

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Identify the fictional sponsors from their descriptions. You will need an external resource to contextualize the monetary values; as the flavortext says, take its "most recent" edition.

Look for a list of fictional rich characters that allows you to both reorder the list and quantify how generous they were towards Mystery Hunt. Then convert to letters to get a cluephrase. The final answer has enumeration (5,8).

Each characters is a member of the Forbes Fictional 15 (2013 edition) and donated a positive integer percentage of their net wealth. The percentage can be converted to a letter via A = 1.

Thank you to our most recent anonymous sponsors who have donated significant portions of their net worth to make this Mystery Hunt possible!

This elegant aristocrat from across the pond generously donated $44,000,000. Although it might seem like an odd match, she assures us that members of her Yorkshire estate, both upstairs and downstairs, are big fans of the Mystery Hunt.

This donor is funding the afterparty of the MITMH and proposed a roaring twenties theme. With a $190,000,000 gift, we can definitely make that happen.

A big thank you to one of our most adventurous philanthropists who has donated $195,000,000! We share a mutual love for puzzles and cryptics, though hers are generally far more dangerous than ours.

This patron generously donated $216,000,000. He has long enjoyed games of chance and community-building and was a big proponent of the 2002 Mystery Hunt.

We reached out to this boss for funds and he did not have a meltdown with the absurdity of our request. Instead he agreed, donating a whopping $225,000,000 to our hunt because we have an excellent cause worth donating to.

The silver sheen on this donor's plaque is replaced with a gold one as he donates 2, no 2.5, no almost 3 hundred million dollars! His $299,000,000 will go a long way to start-up this year's Mystery Hunt.

Though he had no debts to MIT, this cunning leader is worth his weight in gold. We thank him for his investment of $414,000,000 into our coffers, making it rain.

We at MIT want to express our gratitude towards this donor and his foundation, whose philanthropic patronage has been a blessing to a plethora of research centers, schools, hospitals/asylums, and orphanages. Our $460,000,000 share of it is no joke.

Billionaire Donor Sponsors MITMH: With a $500,000,000 patronage from this entrepreneur's charity, we’ve got it made in the shade.

A big shoutout to our youngest donor ever! With a comically large donation of $1,450,000,000, we hope you ¢hoose to attend MIT when you come of age.

This ex-presidential candidate donated an astounding $1,568,000,000 to our hunt and even agreed to re-print the sudoku and crossword puzzles in the pages of his newspaper.

$1,860,000,000 was generously donated by a genius MIT alumnus with a proclivity for international aid. He has helped people all over the world, including locations in Central-Southeastern Europe, East Africa, and New York City.

Contrary to popular opinion, this donor is extremely generous and does not hoard his cavernous amounts of wealth. We humbly thank him for the literal mountain of money he has donated to the Mystery Hunt, totaling $5,951,000,000.

Without this donor's undying support the Mystery Hunt may have been in peril, but this magnanimous doctor's donations have eclipsed $5,980,000,000 and we are forever grateful.

With his past and present donations totaling $13,734,000,000, we greedily await more in the future. Just kidding, the Mystery Hunt would never allow that kind of PR quackery.