Solution to Telephone

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by Colin Lu, Azalea Weisblat, Jon Schneider, Rahul Sridhar, Anderson Wang

This puzzle consists of a chain of people in ⊥IW who want to pass on a message to one another. Each one tells us where to find the next person. Additionally, some number of seconds after talking to one of them, we hear a notification sound from a messaging app.

NPC locationNPC DialogSoundDelayIndex
In the space station in ⊥IW.gigaThey're in the corner of a circuit board. They're really small.Steam1S
Bottom corner of ⊥IW.milliThey're just across the way.Facebook6O
Bottom of ⊥IW.milliThey're in the middle of a bridge way up in space.Hangouts6U
Bridge in ⊥IW.gigaThey're standing by the machine that holds onto ⊥IW.milli.Messenger6N
Second floor of ⊥IW.kiloThey're standing next to a rocket.Discord7D
Lobby of the ⊥IW.nano complex, by the rocketThey're in the Great Galactic Basement.Slack2L
Great Galactic Basement (where you end up if you fall off the bridge in ⊥IW.giga)They're working at a desk in ⊥IW.kilo.Twitter3I
Roughly in the middle of of the first floor of ⊥IW.kiloThey're in a building whose number is the square of a square.Snapchat2N
Building 16They're up on the space station.Skype2K

Ordering by the cycle of who is pointing to whom, and indexing the delay into the name of the messaging app, we get SOUNDLINK, the answer to the puzzle.