Successively More Abundant in Verbiage

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The long paragraphs on the right side of the puzzle may be intimidating, but try to pair them up based on similar meaning.

As for the images on the left side of the puzzle, they also come in pairs. Each pair references something that most American high schoolers will have encountered at some point.


The paragraphs on the right side are verbosified versions of well-known quotes from literary classics, which are represented by their cover artwork or important motif (but drawn once badly, and then once even worse) on the left side.

However, something has been modified in each of these literary quotes during the verbosification process. Try comparing what the verbatim quote says with what the verbose paragraph is trying to say.


The modified letters ordered by roman numerals spell out HEAVENLY BODY INTERSECTED PARAMOURS. As with the rest of this puzzle, try to figure out what simpler phrase this is synonymous with.

In particular, one of the literary classics appearing in this puzzle is by a famous English author, who is responsible for another literary classic that uses the above phrase to describe its main characters.

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A male of the homo sapiens species will progressively resemble open meshed utilities capable of contorting into latticed enclosures for capturing gill-bearing aquatic vertebrates associated with a pescatarian diet, under the condition where the interactions involving said male are devoid of social or physical proximity to one or more other members of the homo sapiens species with whom a bond can be forged.

A paradoxical superposition would be the most suitable logical structure with which to describe the era in question, given that it was span of chronological proximity during which an observer would describe the state of society as having reached a local extremum vis-à-vis conditions conducive to fruitful and salutary living, overlapping with an encasing of seasoned ground meat of Germanic origin that has earned sufficient distinction to serve as an an epochal landmark.

An adage was inscribed on an unspecified surface that I should position myself in the general domain of the simulated experiences during rapid eye movement sleep of unpalatable nature of my choosing.

Consequently, we persist in the forward propulsion of our buoyant watercrafts, antithetical to the momentum of the medium fluid, and are thus held in a continuous cycle of being motioned into the Orient.

Due to the fact that I have forfeited my immaterial spirit to your possession, I request as an appropriate exchange that you grant me retention of my honorable title commonly given to female members of a chivalric order or baronetesses.

Following a comprehensive analysis encompassing my past experiences, I assertively extol, among all undertakings associated with the release of dopamine, the act of gathering cultivated carbohydrate-rich plants such as wheat or rye for consumption or commerce, and moreover feel compelled to remark the alacrity with which any person who interacts with an object will experience mental fatigue or ennui unless said object is a bound assemblage of inkblots on flattened fiber.

Hypothetically, I thought that my best course of action would be to conceal my own identity by blending among those persons located at the bottom layer of a binary search tree who do not possess the ability to verbalize language.

I call upon the causal implicature whose antecedent is my transpired decision to relinquish my right of proprietorship over my unitary essence of existence and will, and whose natural predicate wherefore is that you should contractually confer my right of proprietorship over mine own proper appellation back to me, wherein periodic remuneration will be established as the requisite condition for the persistence of said proprietorship.

In a tone of grave sobriety, I seal a pact vowing that my plans and intentions for the events which will soon transpire are forborn from involving any low-ranking personnel of a criminal gang or syndicate.

In subdividing the set of derrières into logically appeasing categories, one can pigeonhole gluteals in twain boxes based on a singular discriminant-like property, namely whether the backside through its dialectic queries exhibits the perspective of one beseeching conciliation or edification, or through its dialectic responses exhibits the perspective of one offering denouement to the aforementioned beseecher.

In the simulated alternate branch of reality I conjured with my mental faculties, I considered a multitude of sequences of actions by which I could proceed, and determined that the preferential sequence of actions to follow was one where I deceived those interacting with myself into forming a specious cognition of my state of being, wherein I seamlessly appeared as a hybrid of one experiencing anacusis and one bearing the closeness of a pal or companion.

It is through a metaphorical lens tinted by a saccharine sentiment of contentment and indulgence that the intentionally unstated happenings which have come to fruition are recognized by the municipality exerting primary de facto influence in the federal republic which attained its status of prominence through aversion to altercation and belligerence, or alternatively by the populace residing in said municipality metonymically.

It was simultaneously the superlative among coin currencies displaying benign properties, as well the superlative among coin currencies displaying malignant properties.

I would count it among the enterprises which I retrospectively regard as generally welcome and congenial, that of performing interment for an object or individual beneath the soil.

Nonspecific authors have deliberately etched lexical patterns of logographic or abecedarian nature, the semantics of which embed a message concerning my recommended behavior, stipulating that it should not be unlike that of an emperor or tsaritsa when directed toward the oneirologically-generated sequences of sensory signals frequently associated with abhorrence or trepidation which I have voluntarily elected to designate.

On one hand, if the man navigated the air, he must be in a state comparable to lunacy and therefore had no obligation to do so; on the other hand, if the man neglected to do so, he must be a trigonometric function and hence duty-bound.

One could posit no fewer than two hypotheses modeling our current state, one being the existence of at least one eukaryotic microorganism capable of converting carbohydrates into alcohols and releasing gaseous compounds in the process, and the other being that the set of persons within our immediate entourage can be considered solitary when taking into consideration the geographical isolation sequestering us from persons not within said entourage.

One enumerating the behaviors innate to the pertinent organism may exclude from them the gormandizing of horticultural plots or the erection of domiciles concealing avian offspring within receptacles of repose designated for infants like Verdandi, and in fact may bar all behaviors from said enumeration save for the passion-gorged oscillation of their syrinx musculature along mellifluous progressions of inverse periods with the intent of eliciting a favorable response from ourselves.

One who experiences romantic or sexual attraction toward people of the same sex will enter a mental state comparable to lunacy if one is thoroughly lacking companionship.

Regarding organisms in the ursidae family, one notes the bifurcation between ursines that pose written or verbal requests seeking information, and ursines that fulfill said written or verbal requests.

Regarding the locus or general vicinity thereof most pertinent to the current discussion, there does not exist a visual-spatial depiction of said locus on an arbitrary stemmed apparatus for grime expungement via adhesion to humidified coarse strings. Relatedly, a generalization of this statement is that for all loci which are considered bona fide, there does not exist a visual-spatial depiction of the aforementioned variety.

Summarily I contend that of all enjoyable pastimes there does not exist any which rivals the decoding of collections of semantically-enriched symbols, and that one swiftly grows weary of any object that is not a curved metallic grappling implement commonly used by seafaring pilferers.

Summoning an air of sedateness commonly associated with a religious invocation or ceremony, I commence the hypothalamus-induced secretion of apocrine fluids in response to the disquietude I feel over the actions which I will perform or assist in performing in the time to come hereafter, as said actions will not result in the betterment of oneself or others according to widespread principles of virtue.

The comprehensive set of heterotrophic, motile, eukaryotic organisms satisfies binary relationships which are commonly required by mathematicians to exhibit three properties: symmetry, reflexivity, and transitivity. However, there exist a plural number of members of this set which are non-lutrine, and furthermore distinguished by possessing a variant of this property which is of greater degree or multiplicity when juxtaposed against lutrine members of this set.

The conclusion to the events which have transpired heretofore is the perpetuation of our endeavors to exert momentum on our locomotion vessels, which are vertically sustained by displacement forces due to substances that deform under shear stress, in opposition to the red or black berry, a process during which our locomoting apparatuses and ourselves are indefatigably ushered in retrograde into the era of yesterday.

The creatures in question do not consume from greenhouses of the populace, nor become exercisable as equity like stock options in granaries of corn, and in fact engage in no other activity aside from the zealous production of harmonic frequencies for our sake.

The day-night period following this one, and the day-night period following that one, and the day-night period following that one, all surreptitiously transpire in this frivolous competition of speed spanning one such period to the next.

The hermeneutical dichotomy arose from twain possibilities. Under the hypothetical where the male adult performed the act of violent destruction, he was in possession of the alibi of being neuropsychotic or otherwise perturbed. Under the alternative hypothetical where the male adult did not align his intentions with said act, he found himself with a dearth of alibis on account of his cognition of the state of the world being rooted in that which is verifiably factual.

The location in question is not marked down on any flat simulacrum commonly adorned with geometry, topography, and other cartological properties, for the reason that nary an arboreal location is depicted on a simulacrum of said type.

The possibility is considerable that there exists a swagger-satiated claim about one's own virtues, though the same could be said of the possibility that the absence of such a claim leaves our group in a peerless state.

Three, which metaphorically denotes a cardinality that transcends reasonable working memory, is the number of elapsed circadian periods caused by the Blue Planet rotating along its own axis. This passing of said circadian periods can be characterized as clandestinely encroaching on the outer fringes of one's conscience, owing to the contemptible significance of its rate of flow between one Latinic elder month to the subsequent Latinic elder month.

Within the kingdom Animalia, members share a state of mutual equivalence along one or more axes, yet select members present this property more saliently than molecules consisting of an alkyl or aryl group, an oxygen atom, and an alkyl or aryl group.