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This is a metapuzzle that uses the 54 Students puzzle answers.

Each student has a name and is associated with a set of clubs. The name and the clubs are both relevant to this puzzle.


Each of the four Dorms had problems associated with earth, air, fire, and water. These four entities form a set, but for this puzzle we're interested in a much larger set of things with the same name.

giving it away

We can associate each Student with an element on the Periodic Table of Elements.


Each of the clubs represents a property shared by all the elements corresponding to the students in that club.


Some of the properties involve the element's full name, some involve its symbol, and some are chemical properties.


The length of the name of a student always matches the length of the name of their corresponding element.


Once we've matched each student to an element, we can turn our attention to the list of 14 groups of four students on the puzzle page.

You'll want to correspond each of these students to its element and mark it on a periodic table.


Remember that this is the Student *Center* meta.


Each of the four elements forms a parallelogram on the periodic table. There is a unique element in the center of the parallelogram.


Once you've found the students corresponding to the elements at the center of all the parallelograms, take puzzle answers associated with each student. You only care about the first letter.


January 16th 9:45 PM: We changed one of the names below from "Maximillian" to "Maximilian".

January 16th 11:45 PM: We added the word "and" to the 3rd-to-last line below.

January 17th 2:30 PM: The student in the third line from the bottom has been corrected to "Eleanor".

January 17th 9:45 PM: ...and alphabetized, whoops!

You come across a student sitting at a strangely shaped table in front of the Student Center.

“Thanks for helping us fix all the problems with our dorms! But now that we’re all back in our rooms, we’re feeling a little isolated from each other. How can we connect?”

  • Francisco, Kat, Mackenzie, and Sridhar
  • Benjamin, Clementine, Lennart, and Xander
  • Abigail, Anderson, Justine, and Nicholas
  • Abigail, Florence, Mitchell, and Patrick
  • Alexander, Christine, Joshua, and Zachary
  • Daniel, Evan, Maddie, and Robert
  • Curtis, Frederick, Sridhar, and Xander
  • Christine, Jingyi, Maddie, and Zachary
  • Evan, Jenna, Lillian, and Zachary
  • Clarence, Joanna, Marjorie, and Maximilian
  • Cami, Daniel, Jingyi, and Josephine
  • Charles, Eleanor, Kathleen, and Lawrence
  • Hamilton, Marjorie, Nathaniel, and Yannick
  • Charlotte, Jenna, Maximilian, and Toomas