Squee Squee

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Squee squee! The pigsaw puzzle should be assembled on the pig. The Pacman-shaped piece goes over the tail.


Squee squee! Each of the numbers should land on a letter (or the reflection of a letter).

health check

Squee squee! For this health check, the ratios should always be integers between 1 and 26.


Squee squee! You should have a total of 5 quarters, 2 dimes, 4 nickels, and 7 pennies from inside the pig. Start by thinking about the "51" clue.

extraction, favorite numbers

Squee squee! Your pig has 5 favorite numbers, one for each subpuzzle answer. Only the first letters are needed.

extraction, water

Squee squee! As the story suggests, you only have half of the answer--the other word is inside your pig.

During the hunt, teams received a physical puzzle involving a piggy bank. Below is the virtual version of this puzzle.

1. Unboxing

Waaaaaaaaahoooooooooo I’m finally outta that tiny box!

A tiny pig hops from its US-mail-system wrappings out onto the surface of your desk. It begins to run small, tight circles, evidently quite happy to stretch its feet after a long journey. Congratulations! You are now a proud pig parent!

“Squee squee”
I may be a pig, but I like solving puzzles too, you know.

The little pig is making itself at home among the puzzlehunt detritus strewn about your desk. What is your pig’s pronoun and name?

Suggested names (these are not part of the puzzle. Feel free to pick whatever name you like):
Boaris, Hamanda, Hamlet, Hammy Swinehouse, Little Hoof, Pignacio, Sir Francis Bacon, The Baconator, Trufflesnuffler