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A well-known website has a tradition of sometimes changing its frontpage logo on special dates to commemorate important persons or events. These logo alterations are named something synonymous with "sketches".

google, doodle

After identifying all the Google Doodles in this puzzle, you might notice that the left and right Doodle in each image are always close in date.

The reason behind this might become clearer after navigating left-and-right on the official Google Doodle repository (


Each search query should be answered by a 6-letter word, which can be found by playing one of the interactive Doodles.

Once you have the 6-letter word, make sure you also have which letter of GOOGLE is missing from the hybrid Doodle.

[See original puzzle for images]

🔍 what is the penalty for getting one of my dapper fellows exterminated oops
🔍 who vindicated herself by playing ten records please tell me (stage) last name
🔍 what is the prefix of the fish who chomps me in the abyss
🔍 what kind of animal can help me dance near bamboo thicket please dont say panda
🔍 what should cameras do to the flying dude after the harnesses are connected
🔍 where is the ridiculously buff scorpion from i need to know village name
🔍 what goes through a mechanical breakdown and a gradually narrowing tube in that order
🔍 what things get thrown at me if i go over the x