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As the Random Hall meta, this puzzle is about probability distributions. The numbers in this puzzle are in fact randomly generated, and come from well known distributions.

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This puzzle is about families of probability distributions.

Each column of generated numbers comes from the same probability distribution - the specific distributions used in the puzzle are clued by the answers.

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The distributions used in this puzzle are beta, chi squared, exponential, chi squared, normal, poisson, and uniform.

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After getting a lot of data, it's helpful to make histograms, examining their mean/variance/median/excess kurtosis/skew, and noting properties like whether all outputs are integers or whether any are negative.

After the distribution is narrowed down, often the parameters can be determined from just looking at a few properties such as the mean/variance.


Use the parameters of the distributions to index into the corresponding answer.

For distributions with two parameters, use the first parameter the first time that distribution appears, and the second parameter the second time.

Your random numbers: