Powerful Point

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There are five buttons that you can press on each face. Treat the transitions as geometrically accurate.


The title slide suggests that there is something specific you can do with the cube. The markings on the other slides can help you accomplish that.


Cut along the gray lines on each of the faces and unfold the cube. You will get a flat piece with no holes and no overlaps.


All the letters on both sides form a 72-letter cluephrase that clues a one-word answer (in noun form).

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Note: The puzzle is a .ppsx file that works best in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or later. MIT students should be able to obtain a copy for free. The free iOS app can also open the puzzle properly. Other equivalent software, such as LibreOffice, Keynote, Google Slides, PowerPoint for the web, or the Android PowerPoint app will make solving significantly harder. The puzzle may also have unintended behavior in earlier versions of PowerPoint.