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start, cryptic

"plain street, right around a" is a cryptic crossword clue.

start, cryptic

To solve a clue, you need to first remove the "inner clue". The "inner clue" solves to the type of the "outer clue".

There are five types of clues: STRAIGHT, CRYPTIC, PRINTERSDEVILRY, PUN, and META. Each pair of types occurs exactly once as an "inner clue"/"outer clue".

printer's, devilry, meta

Every pair of clue types appears exactly once. A natural way to arrange the (outer clue) answers is in a 5x5 square. Also, if you haven't noticed it yet, the "outer clue" answers are in alphabetic order.

Here is some help for one of the harder clues. The inner clue for "Folded pages made..." is a poker meta.

Folded, pages, Text, dissident, last, printer's, devilry, meta, square

With the answers arranged in a square (ordering rows/columns alphabetically by the clue type), solve five more clues, one of each type. Then solve one more clue.

Here is some help for the harder clues. The inner clue for "Folded pages made..." is a poker meta. The inner clue for "Text from dissident..." is a meta using the words APPRENTICE PETERBURGS UNDETERRED REVOLTER SERIOUS.

extract, edge, barely, ahead, breaking, lead

The last five words (taken in the same order each of their clues was read in) form a cryptic clue. The answer enumeration is given at the bottom of the puzzle.

It follows a deuce on a plain street, right around a court

Nightfall brought the caravan satanic teachings of Epson: “toast still well before journey’s end”

This direct, e.g.

Aboard Cassiopeia, forego gravimetric measure: permittivity/torque. Significance is essential hyperlink became dead

Team teacher says Okafor/Ward solution will suffice opposing the offense

Folded pages made cut time triplets answer. Aligned sold-out show in the books

There’s a few people you ended in the yard

Kelly Hackman team set to get next-level wilder

Maybe solve puzzle using the answers DAVID, SKEIN, GOUGE?

Working connected to tombs and such for no return

Place in the hospital where you make wordplay decisions?

What a fraction attempt to adapt Crimean dish! Men taxed due to budget constraints, says on the radio

One day I’ll get a clue with second string left out, a chance to play for money and travel ’top a guest a dia

Shooter from Portugal’s land shot in to e-Node. My own block cipher (bad idea!) initially ran once only

Canon stratagem enforces all Mystery Hunters should utilize a nag ramming online site

Something that’s only a joke is mixed up with information last known by Victoria?

Small (formerly large) mysterious twitch after Yelp page found written on X chromosome

Text from dissident apprentice (Petersburg's undeterred revolter) “Serious I R in a rat ukay” awakes thousands to regime’s horrors

Opinion of one-line play? Thornberry on LHC

The Sun syndicate is putting UK crossword in the spotlight

(A bothersome clue type) resistance normal in delivery trips, crazy dog need train itself from barking

Tried cracking rare mystery carpophyte spotted within Deccan tea – seed bits scattered around shirt

Objects or like how heterosexuals stand stuff

Talia Gerini had got to know ’er in England along ole-timers’ naps’ hotels’ weeds

Bills made music as can get them disqualified from the 100m dash if they cheat in the 70s

4 6 5 8 4 (5)