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Answer: WHITE

by Andy Hauge, Jakob Weisblat

This puzzle takes place in ⊥IW, using the Projection Device.

Looking at all the dorms, we notice that one of them, Simmons Hall, has some peculiarities in its paint job. In particular, there are five places where there are brightly colored symbols drawn on the windows.

We can interpret each of these symbols using a common puzzle encoding:

ColorWhat We SeeEncodingLetter
Red.--Morse CodeW
OrangePigpen CipherH
YellowFlag SemaphoreI

Reading the letters in rainbow order, we get the answer, WHITE.

Authors’ Notes

When Andy posted the first draft of the art for Simmons, Jakob thought they had to make a puzzle out of it. So we worked together to make this. Based on its difficulty, it seemed a good fit for an answer that was pretty much necessary to finish the hunt because of the meta structure of the students round.