One Size Fits All

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There is nothing special about the answer to the dropquote that will help you solve the dropquote. But there is something you can do related to the title of the puzzle that will help you solve the dropquote.


You will need to change the size of something to solve this puzzle, but of what?


Try resizing the window.


You can get dropquotes of various widths by resizing the window, but they all have the same solution. Try to use this to figure out the solution to the dropquote.


Look at the middle letters of all odd words in the solution to the drop quote.


An "odd size grid" is a grid with an odd number of total squares. There are five odd-size grids you can form by changing the width of the dropquote (within the constraints of the window).


Read the centers of the 5 odd size grids.

Open this puzzle in a new tab


  • Click on a cell to select it. Type a letter to enter it into the selected cell.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate between cells.
  • Press delete / backspace to remove a letter from the selected cell.