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A, C, and V work just like they do in regular Nutrimatic, but you can try other letters too. You'll need to figure out what the other letters do to solve the puzzle.

error, start, nothing

Every query in Nutraumatic needs to be a real english word when converted to lowercase. So tAco and tACo work, but tAcCo doesn't.

Try placing different uppercase letters in different parts of the word to identify them. Some things only work when used in combination with another uppercase letter; some depend on the letter before them.

Every letter from A to Z has a meaning, and no two of them are the same.

B and D are used in conjunction with one another, as are P and Q. M and W have something funky going on with them. R and F (among others) are equivalent to symbols from the original Nutrimatic.


To extract, you'll need to figure out how to parse the last non-example using all the things you've learned about uppercase letters.


There's two good ways to go about the end of this puzzle. Either you should convert as much of it as you can to a regular Nutrimatic query (Nutrimatic accepts very long queries), or try starting with the ELZT followed by the BD clause at the end, and then working backward.

extract, nutrimatic, states, palindromes

In order to extract using Nutrimatic, you'll need to be clever about how you represent each of the letters you've understood in Nutraumatic. Here's some tips:

- use (thing1|thing2|thing3) to have multiple choices that can be concatenated
- use "" to demarcate areas that you think won't have spaces, and use A rather than . or _ for "any letter".
- you can nest parentheses and quotation marks, and queries can be very long
- the string a?b?c?d?e?f?g?h?i?j??l?m?n?o?p?q?r?s?t?u?v?w?x?y?z? might be helpful to you.