Solution to Not Again!

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Answer: LOOPY

by Ben Yang, Herman Chau, Azalea Weisblat, Joanna Sands, Lennart Jansson, Anderson Wang

The puzzle consists of eight clues and sets of letter blanks. Each clue hints a phrase to be filled into the blanks that is a word avalanche, in which words form the exact same syllables repeated twice, though not necessarily with the same word boundaries and stress.

Some of the letter blanks for each phrase are numbered, and after filling in the letters, reading the numbered blanks in order from 1-N gives a word for extraction.

Clue Avalanche Extracted word
On the topic of the ghostly egg-placing lagomorph hotel, honor the unchained seasoning shallot RE: SPECTRAL EASTER BUNNY INN, RESPECT RELEASED HERB ONION PARTICULAR
“Wonderful! There’s a swirl in my minestrone,” — vegan southerner “SUPERB, A VORTEX IN SOUP,” — HERBIVORE TEXAN INEXPENSIVE
Battlefield in which we plan to fight skilled lycan pilot WHERE WE’LL FACE WEREWOLF ACE LOCALE
Religious leader / Poptart creature, er, details causes of western state CALIPH OR NYAN CAT, UH, LISTS CALIFORNIAN CATALYSTS SAN FRANCISCO
Legislative body signs up for task involving ape’s carpal tunnel, chin being crooked, and hurting CONGRESS TAKES JOB ENTAILING KONG WRIST ACHES, JAW BENT, AILING NEIGHBOR
Asshole to insect: “Give her a spicy root, a stimulating leaf, and some London dry” JERK AT BEE: “FEED HER GINGER, KHAT, BEEFEATER GIN” BEFITTING
“Try to find extra salary for vengeance,” I wail. Wash the hidden narrow street (it’s where you walk into the tibia sanctuary) “SEEK RETALIATION BONUS,” I LAMENT. RINSE SECRET ALLEY (A SHINBONE ASYLUM ENTRANCE) BASEBALL
Pratt made an internet joke charming a diamond, “A fool fixes jewelry” CHRIS TOLD A MEME ENDEARING CRYSTAL: “DUMMY, MEND EARRING” TACTIC

The extracted words form a clue to one more avalanche that corresponds to the final set of blanks at the bottom: “Particular inexpensive locale (San Francisco neighbor) befitting baseball tactic”. This clue solves to the avalanche SPECIFIC AFFORDABLE PLACE (PACIFICA) FOR DOUBLE PLAY, and the numbered extracted letters from the final set of blanks give the answer, LOOPY.