No, I Understand You Perfectly

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"Are we really friends?" implies that we're dealing with false friends.

false friends, estonian

Mitä is not an English word. What language is it in?

false friends, finnish

Where is TalTech? What language do they speak there?

false friends, estonian, finnish, languages

With the exception of the last five lines, the dialogue can be split into sections of three lines each which match the style of the title text. Each section focuses on a certain false friend.


Use the numbers to index into the false friends in the order that they are given.

-Personally, I think the government is pretty bad.
-Yeah, the mold is kinda terrible. But hey, you can't have blue cheese without it though.
-Mitä? What are you saying? You don't understand me at all, do you?

Yeah? Well I doubt it. Anyway, do you see that old stronghold over there?

Umm, maybe? Like I wouldn’t call it a town, but I think I know what you mean.

Why not? It’s a fortified location. It’s obviously a stronghold.

Huh, I didn’t know that towns have to be that well defended. But I do know that according to local legend, the walls of that thing can randomly give off a magic spark that sets fire to valuable items. You might wanna try and stay clear.

Huh. And I always thought that radii were just mathematical concepts.

No, they’re quite real. Although magic sparks are probably just a fantasy.

Yeah. They’re the product of a mathematician who got bored and made stuff up for their own amusement.

Well that’s what mathematicians do. They find an interesting problem, and then work on it. If you need to make something up, that’s also great if you can bring it in line with the rest of math.

Yeah, but I doubt the mathematicians make something up just because it’s funny.

They usually don’t, and I fail to see how our previous discussion implied that in any way. Though I know a mathematician back at TalTech who liked thinking about a teapot without its spout.

So you’re saying that the teapot was damaged? Or that it wasn’t used as a teapot?

Neither. Mathematicians don’t usually concern themselves with mundane trivialities like the real world. Speaking of which, you do have a ride back to civilization, right?

Yep. I have a fine stallion that we can ride back home.

Wait, what? I thought that was banned in literally all of Europe. And you’re planning on riding one?

Umm, yeah, that’s what horses are for. Ain’t nothing illegal about having them either. Though before we go, here, have some milk.

Oh thanks. Wow, you must love lean dairy.

Nah, I make it myself. I do live on a farm you know. Oh, the horse is here. Let’s get going.

Nice. By the way, do you have a radio at your farm? There’s something I’d like to listen to soon.

Yeah, I actually have a shed with some old radios.

Why would you require old radios? Anyway, it’s okay if you can’t spare anything. I’ll just hope for the best.

Huh, no, I just told you I have a bunch of them. I can just lend you one if you need it.

Oh, thanks. Hey, that cloud over there looks like a bear.

What’s so special about that? All clouds are a bit rugged in my opinion.

Eh, maybe, if you look at them right. Hey, that one’s a ship.

Oh. My mother barely survived a shipwreck. It stressed her out so much she’s bald now.

Oh, I’m so sorry about that. Though I feel like you made the second part up. That sort of stuff only happens in Greek mythology. Besides, I think Medusa would be to blame, if that actually happened.

Look, I know it’s uncommon in women, but it’s a thing that actually happens. You must be lucky to have never experienced it yourself. Anyway, here we are, I’ll go grab a radio for you.

Hey, remember when we were talking about mold?

Yeah, and then you started ranting about blue cheese. I still have no idea what the connection is.

Like, it’s an ingredient. You put the right mold on the right cheese and you get blue cheese, just like that.

You must be joking. Anyway here’s your radio.

6, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 4, 3, 7

Huh. What does it mean?

That’s unfortunately a secret. Anyway, it’s getting late and I’m tired. Goodnight, my friend.

Are we really friends? We really seem to misunderstand each other a lot. In any case, goodnight.