Mysterious Figures

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Each of these descriptions is cluing several things. Once you identify some of the more obvious things, you should notice a pattern. The title is a clue.

mr men

Each cell is cluing 3 things, not just two. What would be a thematic set of things to be clued in addition to this first set of Misterious figures?

mr men giveaway

In addition to cluing a "Misterious" figure and a logic puzzle clue, each cell is cluing a Mr. Men character.

logic start

You'll want to start the logic puzzle by writing only the logic clues in a grid and then constraining what the largest number in the grid can be.

logic, early

One of the first big deductions you'll need to make is in row 5. You can fill in almost all the values in that row.

logic mid

row 3 col 5 is where the next large logical step happens. Look at R4C5 too.

logic, late

As you're finishing up the logic puzzle, remember the row sum constraints and the two numbers whose counts you know exactly.


Once you've IDed the Misterious Figures, the Mister Men and the numebrs in each cell, it's time to extract. You'll need to reorder by something and then index something into something else.

extract, big

The Mr. Men series provides an ordering to the letters you get by indexing the numbers into the Misterious figures. There's a resource on the internet that can help you find the right order.


This wiki can be a useful resource:


The message is asking you for which Mr. Man was not included in the puzzle - can you find a list that has 49 of them, 48 of which are in the puzzle?

I'm not really a Queen kinda person, you know? I don't take direction from anyone else, I'm more of a loner. I was gonna feature Michael Jackson but then things didn't work out, maybe because I'm such a disaster all the time. My row adds up to twice my column. I live in Highbury and I...ooh I need to sit down, feeling faint. I always wear this calculator watch. Some people think I'm a food. Exactly two of my neighbors' numbers match my number. i likE counting and giving away monEy. my numbEr is a pErfEct squarE. Can you figure out the details of my death? The other numbers in my column add to 18. I used to be in jail in Louisiana. Being in jail sucks. I like to dance. My dog died once, grrr. I danced for you, in fact. My horizontal neighbors' numbers add to my number. Why do they have to do that? grrr. It started out <so soft it's inaudible>. How did <inaudible> like this? I have the biggest number in this column. 😊 I have the most common number in the grid. Excellllent, no? 😊
Oh my gosh. I absolutely love a sparkly kitchen. Give me more sponges. A spray bottle. I've got this. Have you seen the bathrooms? The tiles are so pearly white. The hallways? Give me a broom. I've got a duster. A mop. I will buff everything until it glows radiant! My number is the number of distinct numbers my neighbors have. That is to say, the count of different numbers had by my neighbors? That's my number. What do you mean, that's none of my business? I've been popular for fifty years and I can brew faster than anyone. My number is the mean of my two horizontal neighbors' numbers. I just wanna run a pizzeria, all this big city nonsense is really scary! It's changed surprisingly little in the 66 years since I was first here in 1936. Pickpockets, reporters, what if I miss the subway, what if everyone's just trying to trick me! My number is prime. You say I was on TV for five years in the sixties? I don't remember that. You say I belong to Wilbur? I don't remember that either. Exactly three of my neighbors form an arithmetic sequence, and exactly one of my neighbors is twice me. At least I remember that much. Balderdash. I founded a famous group of four. Poppycock! My number plus my neighbor to the right's number is my neighbor below's number. Flummery, wouldn't you say? I'd like to tell you about some Australian beer, but I'd have to be reasonable in order to do that, and running around and acting like a child is more fun. My number properly divides the difference between my right and top neighbors' numbers. Boop! You ask about CLANG Batman? Yeah, I fight him sometimes. SPLAT Do you think it's warm in here? BANG My number is the largest proper divisor of the sum of the entire grid. CRASH
Listen, I've got a very specific recipe, and it's important that you follow it exactly. Not too many peanuts, not too few. My number is the number of neighbors I have, no more, no less. I swear, no matter how buff you may think I look, I didn't kill the guy in the middle of row 1. There are the same number of my number and my lower neighbor's number in the grid. Sorry, can't talk now, gotta go do some evil before I change back. By the way, my number divides all my neighbors' numbers. I've always been admired for what I've done for other people. Sure, I may not be the best parent, but I am a super member of society - I always do the right thing. My number is the difference between one of my neighbors' numbers and the sum of the other two neighbors' numbers. I always get picked last; it happens so often that I'm afraid I'm going to melt from being out here so long. My number is tied with one other person's number to be the biggest number in the grid. Figures, my draft pick number is always high. Do you wanna go for a trip? I never really leave this place, too busy running my restaurant. Maybe we could go backpacking in the wilderness, that would be both cheap and exciting! My upper neighbor's number raised to the power of my number is my left neighbor's number. They always tell me I've done it again, but I can't even see what it is. I've had such a successful television career, but I can't help but want even more. I have the sum of all my neighbors' numbers.
They call me number 122, but that's much bigger than my number. My number is the difference between one of my neighbors' numbers and the sum of the other two neighbors' numbers. Would you like to join my fraternity? Welcome to the real world. I'm just an average guy, but people always say I'm not nice. When written out, the number of letters in my number is the number of my right neighbor. I was a stay-at-home dad before it was cool. Isn't that wonderful? I think it's astounding. My three neighbors' numbers sum to 11. Isn't that incredible? Mysterious Figures Hehehehe I have lots hehehe of money and I hehehehe love games hehehe of chance. They hehe used to call me “Uncle” hehehe but not anymore I hehehehe guess. I'm hehehe the only one in the grid with this hehehe number. Will you stop now? They always say no more me. Well I think it's nice to have someone pleasant in the world for a change. Get it? Hahaha. By the way, my number is perfect. Everyone knows the postseason is when it counts, and I've taken that to heart on all my teams. Gotta stay chill, like a cucumber, when the pressure is on. My number appears exactly twice in my row and exactly twice in my column.
Rah rah rah! In some ways, I look a lot like the guy two cells to the right. I have quite an improbable history, but I'm always high-spirited. My upper and lower neighbors' numbers sum to my right-hand neighbor's number. Rah rah rah! Maybe it's because I wear a monocle always, or because of my strange shape, but I'm always running into everyone. I've been around over a hundred years. No relation to the guy to my right. I have the only odd number in my row. I don't eat very much; I have to maintain my trim Hollywoo figure! My number has more holes than any of my neighbors' numbers. I was replaced in 2001 by my Xtra sibling. Maybe it was because I'm always stepping on things or knocking them over. But even though I've been replaced, you should still care about me. I was born in Waco, TX. My number is the number of neighbors I have who have numbers less than three. I like to sit on the couch all day. Sometimes I change up my shoes or eyes. But sometimes I can't be bothered at all to do anything. My number divides my neighbor to the top's number. I may never say the correct thing, but everyone knows I'm the one you should marry. My number is the number of times my right neighbor's number appears in this row. I AM IN CHARGE OF A HACKTIVIST ORGANIZATION. MY NUMBER IS THE NUMBER OF TIMES MY LEFT NEIGHBOR'S NUMBER APPEARS IN THIS ROW. DO YOU FANCY A SANDWICH?
People achoo! keep on thanking me in Japanese achoo! for some reason. Don't achoo! confuse me with the guy in the end of the row before this one. My number is achoo! composite. All the kids love me, even though I'm secretly trying to trick them. My neighbors' numbers add to 16. Welcome to the neighborhood! I appear in the film Back to the Future. My neighbors’ numbers sum to one less than the number of twos in the grid. Ugh. I don't like you. I'm Captain Hook's right hand man. I've got more important things to do than talk to you. My four neighbors' numbers' product is 60. Hmph, this new job in Washington sucks. Everyone else in my row have numbers that add up to 21. Hmmm, oh yess, I was just thinking about, well, you know, having nice brown fur, a long trunk. Maybe I'm wandering through the streets. Oh, what if my best friend was a giant bird? Wouldn't that be nice? My neighbors' numbers' harmonic mean is 15/7. It's such a wonderful number :) I live in Hanseong and I'm an activist. I never do anything wrong, ever. My number has a difference of one from exactly two of my three neighbors' numbers.
I pity the... wait where is everyone? My number appears 8 times in the grid.
On the movie poster the perspective makes me look like I'm bigger than the Golden Gate Bridge. But really I'm just a detective. My number divides my column's sum but not my row's sum.
I... used... to... live... somewhere... much... nicer... until... it... got... taken... over... by... some... weasels... and... stoats. My... number... is... the... number... of... neighbors... I... have... with... even... numbers. I ma eth osgettrns amn in het rdwlo! Veneeryo ni ym orw sha a brumne hatt sidived ym merbun. My neighbor is a real menace, but I'm not scared of him! My number is the number of rows whose sum is 30. They said it couldn't be done, but I did it! I showed how science lets you do so many things, that they gave me my own world! I have the same number as exactly one of my neighbors. Don't you think I'm smart for coming up with this global nickname for myself? At least it's better than being called a dog. My number is the number of times my number appears in the grid. What an astute clue that is!