Solution to Musical Theatre Guild

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by Alan Huang, Seth Mulhall

MIT’s Musical Theatre Guild is the subject of perpetual jokes about having the same abbreviation as the card game Magic: the Gathering. In M:tG’s Ravnica setting, a set of ten guilds is each associated with two of Magic’s five colors. In this puzzle, each cropped musical poster is composed of two main colors (leaving aside yellow/gold, which is not a Magic color but was unavoidable for some of the posters), and so can be matched with a guild.

We notice that the second clue in each pair does not fit the musical given by the poster, and some research brings us to M:tG. Once we make the connection to Ravnica guilds, we identify all the characters as follows:

Poster Colors Musical / Guild Clue Answer
black / red Jersey Boys the mob boss (3) Gyp
Rakdos the zombie shaman (9) Guildmage
white / blue Assassins the fictional son (5) Billy
Azorius the sphinx (7) Isperia
white / black The Book of Mormon the leader (6 7) Mafala Hatimbi
Orzhov the leader (4) Kaya
red / white West Side Story the female lead’s coworker (5) Anita
Boros the guildhall (7) Sunhome
green / white Tarzan the young gorilla (4) Terk
Selesnya the guildhall (4-5) Vitu-Ghazi
black / green Wicked the good witch (6) Glinda
Golgari the guildhall (8) Svogthos
blue / red Mary Poppins the word vendor (3. 5) Mrs. Corry
Izzet the leader (3 5) Ral Zerek
red / green Hair the grower (4 “4” 7) Neil “Woof” Donovan
Gruul the leader? (11) Borborygmos
white / blue Hairspray the lead’s father (6) Wilbur
Azorius the sphinx’s knight (8) Skywatch
blue / black Into the Woods the act I villain (5) Witch
Dimir the silencer (6) Etrata
black / red Hadestown the narrator (6) Hermes
Rakdos the scourge diva (6) Judith

As clued by the flavortext, take the single letter that appears (possibly multiple times) in both names in each pair, to spell out the answer GIANT GROWTH — a fitting Magic card for Into the Woods.

Authors’ Notes

This puzzle was originally proposed as a submeta for a student groups round, parallel to the dorms round, but that idea was cut.