Musical Theatre Guild

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Each picture clues two things. One is a musical, and the first role for each picture is a character from that musical. You can figure out the second thing by examining some of the more unusual other roles.

start, role

The second role for each picture refers to the Guilds of Ravnica from Magic: the Gathering (MtG).


Each Ravnican Guild is associated with a combination of two of Magic's five colors. Use each picture to identify the corresponding guild, then use the guilds to disambiguate the second roles.


Once you've identified both roles for each picture, matching the enumerations, consult the flavortext to discover how to extract.


To extract, take the single letter that appears (possibly multiple times) in both names in each pair.

“Wait, what kind of guild is this again?”

The Musical Theatre Guild is looking for characters who fit in both roles.

the mob boss (3)
the zombie shaman (9)
the fictional son (5)
the sphinx (7)
the leader (6 7)
the leader (4)
the female lead’s coworker (5)
the guildhall (7)
the young gorilla (4)
the guildhall (4-5)
the good witch (6)
the guildhall (8)
the word vendor (3. 5)
the leader (3 5)
the grower (4 “4” 7)
the leader? (11)
the lead’s father (6)
the sphinx’s knight (8)
the act I villain (5)
the silencer (6)
the narrator (6)
the scourge diva (6)