Level One

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Once again, this puzzle is too small to be forward-solved. It must be backsolved from the meta—Twins.

All of your answers are six letters long. Fill them in the numbered blanks in the image.


You should be able to fill in each set of blanks with the name of a city.


The countries on the flags don't match the country of either city the signpost points to. Try finding a city in that country that is the given distance away from the two other cities. Also consider the title of the meta, "Twins."


Each of the cities corresponding to the signposts are sister cities (or twin towns) with the two cities the signs point to.


We want to extract the answer GLOBE. Each signpost will give us one letter of the answer (the leftmost signpost will give us G).

The fact that each signpost has two flags is intentional...


Interpret the positions of two cities relative to the signpost city as a semaphore symbol to extract each letter of the metapuzzle answer GLOBE.

Note that you have to draw great circle lines or use a globe to obtain the correct directions.

level one

You're looking for a city in the United States that is either 2700 km or 4600 km southwest of a sister city. The only such geographic regions in the US are in New England.

level one

Note that in the prior round we "zoomed in" from the solar system to Earth. Here, we're "zooming in" from Earth to a specific city. Which city would make the most sense, thematically?


MIT is in Cambridge, MA, not Boston!

The final city is Cambridge, MA.

A small image.