Let's Get the Ball Rolling

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The title and the images being round give you a hint about what "sport" this puzzle is about. You need to identify the names of the teams participating in this sporting event.

teams, team names

Make sure you are looking at the 2020 Marble League competition, and not any of the earlier years. The number of points (the "PTS" column) is equal to the length of the team name, so you can use that to confirm that you have the correct teams.

Reorder the teams based on the "ranking change" arrows in the leftmost column.


Index into the team names using the total number of medals each team has won (the "TM" column) to get a final clue phrase. This clue phrase involves one last bit of information about this sport.

▼ 6🏅×1015
▼ 11🏅×314
▼ 13🏅×813
▼ 5🏅×413
▲ 3🏅×312
▲ 3🏅×212
▲ 3🏅×812
▼ 2🏅×912
▲ 4🏅×512
▼ 4🏅×910
▲ 5🏅×710
▼ 3🏅×58
▲ 2🏅×68
▲ 13🏅×78
▲ 3🏅×57
▲ 8🏅×26