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HINT GIVERS: Please be generous here if someone is at a park! We really don't want people to go to the park and fail to solve this puzzle. It's even okay to just give the answer to a clue.

This puzzle will be extremely difficult or impossible to do without actually visiting the park. Hints are immediately open on this puzzle in case you have an issue while you are in the park itself.


January 16, 11:40 AM: The instruction for OSPREYS has been corrected.

January 17, 12:18 AM: The label CORSON has been corrected to CARSON.

Find a park near you from the list below.

Bellevue, WA: Bellevue Botanical Garden - Go to the Bellevue Botanical Garden.
Berkeley, CA: The Albany Bulb - Go to the Albany Bulb.
Boston, MA: Back Bay Fens - Go to the Boylston St bridge at the northern end of the Fens.
Brookline, MA: Fisher Hill Reservoir Park - Go to Fisher Hill Reservoir Park in Brookline.
Brooklyn, NY: Fort Greene Park - Go to Fort Greene Park.
Brooklyn, NY: McCarren Park - Go to McCarren Park.
Cambridge, MA: Donnelly Field - Go to Donnelly Field. You'll need to walk around the whole block, but you won't need to cross York St, Berkshire St, Cambridge St, or Willow St.
Chicago, IL: Grant Park - Go to the southwest part of Grant Park, between Jackson and Roosevelt, and Michigan and Columbus. All of the clues, when referring to the park, will only refer to this sub-region.
Gaithersburg, MD: Seneca Creek State Park - Go to Seneca Creek State Park. After turning onto Seneca Creek Road from Clopper Road, immediately turn right into the parking lot next to the Park Office - from here, you will not need to leave the general Park Office surroundings or go inside any buildings to finish the questions. In particular, you will not need to take any trails out of the Park Office area or head into the park proper (though you should feel free to do so once you're done!).
London, England: St. James's Park - Go to St. James's Park. It is next to Green Park, but you'll only need to be in St. James's Park to finish the questions.
Los Angeles, CA: Fox Hills Park - Go to the Fox Hills Park on Green Valley Circle.
New York, NY: Riverside Park - Go to Riverside Park. Start at the South end. The puzzle will take you North through the park. If you get to 110th Street, you've gone too far.
Oakland, CA: Lake Merritt - Go to Lake Merritt. Most of your time will be spent on the north edge.
Palo Alto, CA: Mitchell Park - Go to Mitchell Park in Palo Alto.
Queens, NY: Flushing Meadows Corona Park - Go to the north section of Flushing Meadows Corona Park.
Saint Paul, MN: Como Regional Park - Go to Como Regional Park.
San Diego, CA: Villa La Jolla Park - Go to Villa La Jolla Park.
San Francisco, CA: Yerba Buena Gardens - Go to the Yerba Buena Gardens. The park has two parts, and you’ll need to visit both.
San Jose, CA: Kelley Park - Go to Kelley Park (Senter Road side).
San Jose, CA: Santa Teresa County Park - From Bernal Road, turn left onto the park road. Pass by the first small parking lot on your right, and park in the second parking lot (on your right).
Seattle, WA: Ravenna Park / Cowen Park - Go to Ravenna Park / Cowen Park. The two parks are connected, there is no clear boundary between them, and you'll need to visit both for this puzzle, so you can start on either side.
Singapore: Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve - Board SMRT Bus 925 from Kranji MRT Station. Alight at Kranji Reservoir Carpark B and walk to the Visitor Centre.
Somerville, MA: Somerville Community Path - Go the intersection of Cedar St and the Somerville Community Path. Make sure you go west along the path, toward College Ave, instead of east toward Lowell St.
Sugar Land, TX: Sugar Land Memorial Park at the Brazos River Corridor - Go to Sugar Land Memorial Park at the Brazos River Corridor.
Tartu, Estonia: Toomemägi - Go to Toomemägi. 0: Find the number of dogs in the park, and multiply by 7.
2: From the path intersection in the middle of the park, next to the playground, walk along the path heading north. Stop next to the tree on your right whose trunk is straight but forms an acute angle with the ground. What letter does the path in front of you form? Take the letter before this one in the alphabet.
3: Going northeast past the field, you will pass an X-shaped intersection of paths. What number is on the emergency phone there?
4: Take the price of Yellowstone in National Parks Monopoly, and multiply by the number of counties Yellowstone spans. Add the number of US National Parks that had more than 2.5 million visitors in 2019.
5: Look out for the 'Watch Out for Crocodiles' sign which is located all over the park. How many “Dos” and how many “Don'ts” are there? Multiply the number of “Dos” by the number of “Don'ts”, and then multiply by 4. Take that letter of the alphabet.
6: How many trees in the park have an even number of leaves?
7: You look towards the river, and see people playing soccer and basketball side by side. You cannot wait to join them, so you start running towards the stairs that lead to the court. Unfortunately, the stairs are under construction, but NYC Parks claim that they are soon to be over-the-top _____? Take the second letter.
8: Along the path, near Willow Ave, there is an extremely elaborate and complicated bird condominium, with multiple stories and balconies, painted white. How many faces does the tower have? Add seven.
11: You'll find a blue tiled area, with a raised area. What shape is the raised area (looking from above)?
12: You’re walking along Coyote Creek when you come across a white stone bench that also happens to have an informational plaque on it. There are several of them, but you know this one is special because this one is next to a tall sign and the two of them together kind of look like a bus stop. This plaque showcases four local species. Which is the most sedentary one (concatenated)? Take the second letter.
13: In the east garden near SF MOMA, there is a glass ship coming out of the ground. What was gathered from the ocean and placed inside?
14: You've arrived at the rose garden! Read the tall sign beside the entrance, and take the first of the five words between the name of the garden and the year.
15: East of the house in the center of the garden there is a rectangular courtyard. On the south side of the courtyard there is a bronze frog sculpture on the ground. What is its name? Take the seventh letter.
16: Find a fenced area in the back that contains the remains of a house. While facing the remains, you can see a post with a number X in front of you, and a post with the number X+1 behind you. What is X? Subtract 5.
19: At every intersection of the community path and a street, and a few times along that path, there are signs about the "Somerville Community Path: College Ave. to Cedar St. Section." According to the rest of the sign, what former route does this section of the community path run along? Take the third letter of the first word.
20: There is a beautiful garden in the middle of the park. You would like to volunteer with them and maintain this garden. On what day of the week can you join them for work?
21: One statue in this area is related to music - what instrument is this statue holding? Take the letter before the second letter of this word in the alphabet.
22: Go to the baseball fields. Take the paved path between the fields, with two fields on your left and one on your right. On the other side of the street is a large white inflatable structure. What sport would you go there to play?
23: Find the "Beware of Alligators" sign. According to this sign, what's the closest distance you should ever get to an alligator in feet? Divide by 4 and round up.
26: Continue south along the path. Before you cross Agassiz Rd, you'll see a statue with a single word below it. Take the second letter of the word and Caesar shift it by 3.
34: Head back across the water to Mother's Rest Playground. How many yellow stones are bolted to the ground?
35: Find the blue information panel which describes the monuments featured at the Sugar Land Veterans Memorial. What is the second word, on the second line, of the last paragraph, on the right side of this panel.
36: What is the direction, to the nearest 10 degrees, from the southwest corner of the park to the pavilion?
40: Locate another famous driftwood sculpture, of a dragon with a man riding on its back. The left foreleg of the dragon has a bench built into it. What is the word painted on this bench, which also happens to be a playing card? Take the first letter.
42: Find the map of the park at the corner of the parking lot. Go to #7. Stand on top of the tallest stump and face the trail. Turn 90 degrees to your right and count the number of stumps in front of you. Divide by 2.
46: How many orbits are there surrounding one globe? Add 1.
50: At the entrance of the play structure there's a green sign titled Play Circle. What is the ninth line in the list of things not allowed?
55: Go to the top of the hill at the opposite end of the field from the parking lot. Find the orange concrete sculpture. What letter does a single segment resemble? Take the letter before this in the alphabet.
80: According to a plaque, the original foundation of the log house was made from local what?
89: Head to the Fantail Pod along the Coastal trail. In the pod, find a big compass on the floor. How many places are listed on the compass?
96: Find Vita Course 11. On the nearby exercise equipment, at the top of the plaque and above the diagrams are four words. What are the vowels of these four words? Take the first one.
100: A tree walk starts in the northeast corner of the park and heads south. A few trees in, on the left, is a tree that was used as inspiration for the NYC parks symbol. What’s the shorter last name of the two people involved in planting the trees of this variety in the park? Take the second letter.
113: There's a painting in the park with a yellow background that depicts fourteen hands. The first word of the name of a nearby building is written in red in the center. What word is written in yellow below that? Take the letter before the last letter of this word in the alphabet.
120: Start at the entrance to the Como Woodland Classroom. Follow a path to post marker #19. Turn to look at the bridge behind you. What is the sum of the two years indicated on the bridge? Take the sixth root of the resulting number and round to the nearest integer.
1234: Go to Krooks (an establishment near the intersection of Jakobi, Tähtvere, Baeri, and Kroonuaia). The stairs next to it lead onto the hill, but there is a sign saying that a certain person lived in the red brick building. What is the last name of that person? What letter appears the most in that word?
1667: Walk on the path closest to the lake on the lake's south side, beginning in the south west. Locate an information panel describing the local wildlife with the words "St James's Park" in white font on the top left. What is the first word of the name of the only owl on the board?
1675: Heading southwest along the edge of the park, you'll see a monumental building across the street. Locate the word directly in the center of the three lines of text at the top of its facade, then take the number that's a homophone.
1912: Go to the basketball hoop closest to the northern edge of the park. Looking at a circular area nearby, consider the two directions that the paths lead this circular area. From this vantage point, what semaphore letter do they make?
1913: Go to Krooks and start walking up the steps that lead to the top of the hill. How many landings (defined as sets of stairs with longer segments of path in between them) are there before the path flattens out? Divide by 4 and round down.
1936: Start at the confusing intersection of Union Ave, Bayard Ave, and Roebling St. Facing the park, go left, and walk until you see a building with several stained glass windows on your right. Facing that building, what is the symbol in the upper window directly to the right of the largest window? What is its first letter?
1986: What is the second word of a famous hike that involves 400 foot cables near the end?
1999: Beside the Leroy King Carousel, what kind of parking is there?
8060: In the northwest corner of the sculpture garden, locate a cairn made of red, yellow, and blue stones, and topped with a metal, frustum shaped cage with several C-shaped, semicylindrical attachments. How many of these attachments are decorating the cage?
9057: There are three large red metallic structures all looking in the same direction - which direction?
151016: Next to Vita Course 1, look for the park map. On it, there are multiple numbers with arrows. What number is pointing to the gazebo?
10%: Start at the entrance to the Conservatory. Head south to the Carousel building. Look through the second column of windows that is to the right of the plaque on the building. Look at the mirror flanked by two serpents that is directly in front of you. What is the scene to the right of this mirror and serpents?
7’6”: From the pool, head west to the entrance to the Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom. Enter the Classroom and follow a path to Post Marker #10. Look up the QR code on the post. What is the name of a gem referenced at this site?
A: What used to be mined in the place that is a 92.5 mile bus ride into a park?
AAVIK: Go to the University of Tartu Museum. From the front door, on the other side of the path and a bit to your right is a map of the local area with one particular bit missing completely. What is the three letter initialism of the establishment residing in that missing block?
ABBA: From the parking lot where you started, walk south along the park road and follow it as it curves to the west. You will pass a picnic area underneath a roof. What is the name of the picnic area? Take the third-to-last letter, and find the letter before it in the alphabet.
ACKNOWLEDGED: Go to the large stone building. Facing the building with Fisher Ave behind you, on the ground to the left of the building is a map of the metro Boston water supply. What is the name of the reservoir on the map with the highest elevation?
ACORN: Near the playground on the western side of the park, find a sculpture of a "froglet". What is the first name of the artist?
AELFIE: From the second-northernmost point of the park, at Manhattan and Driggs, take the path that enters the park. You’ll come to a playground, partially enclosed by a rounded fence. There are 3 different swing sets bordering the play area (inside the fence). How many swings in total? Divide by 4 and round down.
ALEXANDER: Head behind the tennis courts. Look for six panels in the ground. One of them is not like the others. What three letter acronym is at the bottom of it?
ALUMINUM: Along the east edge of the park is a tree walk. Along the tree walk, next to the European beech tree, is a fence with a bunch of children’s drawings attached to it. Find the drawing with the largest amount of neon green grass in its bottom half. What color is the splotch in the middle of the second cloud?
ANOTHER: Find a full-size replica cannon. Behind the cannon there is a sign about the Revolutionary War Heritage Trail. What bay is mentioned in the sign?
ANTIFRAGILE: Traveling the upper path from the parking lot to the bulb, you will come to a four way intersection. At this intersection is a bench, consisting of three armrests and a plank resting on holes in the armrests. Behind this plank is a mosaic of a winged skull. How many green tesserae are in this mosaic? Divide by 13 and ignore the remainder.
APARTMENT: Just east of the sand pit with a strange pale green structure is a small plaque about a group of deciduous magnolias, dedicated to a person with what last name?
ARGONAUT: Start at the sign for the Historic Streetcar Station. Follow the path along the west side of the station, staying to the left of the pedestrian bridge. At the intersection, turn left and go under the bridge. Continue on the path, staying right until you reach the stoplight. Head south across the street, and continue along the path to the next stoplight. Turn right and continue until you see the building on your right. What is the factorial of the number of bike racks to the right of the main entrance to the pool?
BACK BAY FENS: Find the plaque on the statue in the northeast corner. What are the words on the bottom line?
BAMBOOS: At the pond near the Dragonfly Pod, look for the information board. What other similar insects to dragonflies can you find at the dragonfly pond?
BARBECUING: There are some interesting shapes on the ground to the north of the monument dedicated to the Land and the Sea. How many disjoint black (? it's not black black but idk?) areas are there?
BASEBALL: The on/off box on one of the scoreboards has two stickers on it, one of which describes a round in this Mystery Hunt. What is the fourth word on the other sticker?
BEER: The tees for disc golf zone 3 and 6 are both along a paved path. In between the two tees, there is a blue informational sign. There is a diagram of someone with an object replacing each eye...what is this object?
BELLEVUE BOTANICAL GARDEN: Near the main entrance to the park is an area with a lot of exposed granite on the ground, emulating mountainous terrain. At the northeast side of this area, there is a sign whose first two words are "ROCK GARDEN". What are the last three words on the sign?
BISON: The tree with the largest trunk along the fence inside the park is near an electrical box with different pictures painted on each side. One side depicts an athlete under the sun who is wearing a red jersey. What number is on the jersey? Take the last digit of the result.
BLOOMING: South of the house in the center of the garden is a walkway along which fuchsias have been planted. The different varieties of fuchsias are labeled with a number of small black signs. One variety has a nickname that is a species of large bird. What bird is it?
BLUE: Directly east of the center of the track, across the street, is a large brick archway with flagpoles on either side. What is the year on the cornerstone?
BRECKSVILLE: How many benches are on the roof of the Eielson Visitor Center?
BRICK: Go to disc golf zone 7 and look at the map next to the throwing area of the baskets you are aiming for. There are four baskets and they are each an integer number of feet away from the throwing area. Only one of these distances is not a prime number. Which basket is associated with this distance? Put that letter through the Atbash cipher.
BUTTERFLY: Find the statue of an eagle. Line yourself up with the eagle's line-of-sight facing away from it. You should see a flag near a monument. What color makes up the top half of the flag?
CALL BOX: Look for any green dog waste station. A company name is inscribed in the waste bin underneath the signs. What is the name?
CANDLE: You pay your tribute at a WWII memorial, and keep your journey towards the higher numbers. You find a cheerful quote on the first bench along the road. Whom is the quote by?
CARSON: To the west of the roofed picnic area is a small parking lot. Across the street from the west entrance to the parking lot is a red automatic sprinkler. There is a white label on the sprinkler which contains a company name. What is the name? Take the length of this word and divide by 2.
CASTLE: To the east/southeast of the Edoff Memorial Bandstand, find a trash can with mosaics. On the face with five planets and two buildings, find a lamp post. Treat the tesserae going up from the lamp as morse code and read off a letter. What letter did you read?
CENTER: You start walking along the Empire State Trail, but a park adventure is not fun unless you charter a yacht. You head towards a place where you can rent a yacht for 1201 persons, but soon realize that there are too many things prohibited at the dock. What is the ninth action item you shall not perform?
CENTURY: Go to the northern entrance to the park, and walk into the park until you reach a circle. Take the exit of the circle closest to the opposite side of the park, and then walk 80 feet forward. Then, turn left and walk 150 feet forward. In a structure nearby should be a green sign with a three word phrase. What is the second word?
CHAMPIONS: Near the statue of a man on horseback, there are two signs on lampposts with the same text on them, featuring a number - what number?
CHURCH: Find a tangled metal exhibit just south of some large flowers. Find a tag on this sculpture that begins with the letters "YS" and continues with some numbers - what are those numbers?
COMFORT: Walk along the sidewalk at the top of the hill on the Fisher Ave side of the reservoir. On the ground to your right should be a gray zigzag edge and on your left benches and tables. At the end of the zigzag edge you will find a metal pole. What color is the shape on top of the pole? Take the letter in the alphabet prior to the first letter of this color.
COMO REGIONAL PARK: Go to Cafesjian's Carousel. What are the 29th, 16th, and 49th words on the plaque on the outside of the Carousel Building? Add an E to the first one.
CONDOR: The trail on the west side of the garden passes through an area called the Perennial Border. In this area, find a piece of art consisting of six towers of rounded stones stacked on top of each other. How many stones are in the tower with the fewest stones?
CONIFERS: At the main entrance walkway by the visitor center, there are a few signboards with park information. At the top of one of the signboards is a quote by a famous poet (ending in the word "flowers"). Who is the poet?
CORPORATE LOOTERS OF THE UNITED STATES: On the end of the path section closer to College Ave, you will find a strange collection of art and sculptures. Find the blue metal flower with bicycle pedals on its stem. How many petals does the flower have? Take the square root.
CORPORATION: At a circle named after a former New York governor, find mosaic arts on the ground. What is the name on the smallest circle?
COUNT: In the concrete tribute to Oakland in the middle of the pergola, count the number of white regions. Then walk forward and enjoy the view. Divide by 2.
CROWN: Stand on the south side of Duck Island (this is the eastern island in the lake). From this vantage point, how many (clusters of) islands made of stone (that birds tend to stand on) can you see next to the water fountain? Double it.
CURSING: As you walk out of the library, you turn to the left and walk towards the tennis courts. Before you reach the tennis courts, however, you see a different kind of court surrounded by a black fence. Through the fence, you see a white sign… who has played here in the past? (concatenated)
D: What is the first word of the name of the station halfway between the Canal Exploration Center and the Peninsula Depot stations?
DAMSELFLIES: At the Mud Experience, look for a silver board on the wooden railings. How many types of prints are engraved on it? Subtract 1.
DC: Look for the playground and find three mushrooms. What is the number of red spots on these mushrooms? Add ten and take the corresponding letter of the alphabet.
DECEMBER: In the south part of the park, there is a slight rise shaded by a bunch of trees. How many picnic tables are there?
DEER MOUSE: 320 feet north of the southernmost point in the park, there are some sculptures of turtles on the ground. How many turtles are there? Add one.
DOME: Go to the northernmost point of the park and look for a large BLM mural across one of the many streets that intersect here. What is the cursive word on the door under the mural?
DONNELLY FIELD: There's a sign on the fence behind home plate of the south-east field which says when Donnelly Field was established. What are the last three words written in all capital letters on the sign?
EARS: On the wall of the building next to Thalia Tringo Real Estate, there is a mural of Somerville. Which neighborhood of Somerville contains a creature eating pizza?
EDUCATION: There are two identical plates on the left and right sides of the zoo’s entrance. What’s the third word on the plate?
ELBOW: Go to the dog run. It's split into two sections. From the street, walk between the two sections and keep walking. On the fencing in front of you, there's a sign with a color and another word. What's the other word?
ELECTRIC: You try to decide which exhibit to visit at the Queens Museum. You see nine options on the wall next to Admissions. What is your second option?
ELLEN: There's a handpump next to some circular bike racks near the street, which can be used to experience water flowing through the garden. What animal is depicted on the pump?
ELSIE: Go to Freedom of the Human Spirit sculpture. Look in the direction of the Rolex clock. What’s the sum of the two numbers on the poles closest to you? Double it.
ELVEN: A small pillar next to the Rotary Nature Center has a single message in three languages, the rightmost of which is English. Translate the last two characters in the middle language into a single word (ignore the leading article) that appears on the left message. What is it? Take the middle letter.
EMERALD: From the Conservatory, head toward the Zoo and ComoTown. What is the word on the purple building near the SE entrance to ComoTown? Take the second letter.
EMERSON: North of the small cabin, near the north edge of the park, is a birdhouse. Stand in front of the birdhouse and turn to your left. There's a small metal sign near the ground with two arrows showing the directions to other areas of the park. Read the two arrows as flag semaphore. What letter is it?
EMPOWERED: On the end of the path section closer to College Ave, you will find a strange collection of art and sculptures. Find the large, black metal structure claiming to be "from another world." What animal is it?
ENGINE: Find the statue of an alligator. How many teeth make up the bottom row of this alligator's mouth?
ENHANCEMENT: The main entrance to the western side of the park is a small gate of reddish stone, with inscriptions describing the namesake of the park and the year it was founded. What fruit appears in the decorative motif on the walls to the left and right of the gate?
ER: Find Marlborough Gate, which is at the intersection of the street called "The Mall" and Marlborough Street. On the floor near the information board with the map is a brass plaque embedded on the floor. What is the first name of the princess that the memorial walk is dedicated to? What letter appears most often in that name?
ETHNOGRAPHY: If you start at Angel's Bridge and walk towards the obseratory, you'll find a plaque describing the park itself. What year do the first records of the fortifications date from?
FAIR: From the dock on the south side of the lake, head west along the path. When you get near the parking lot by the pavilion, take the path to the left that veers away from the lake. What is the name of the ninth submarine lost in WWII listed on the plaque on the back side of the torpedo monument?
FAIRE: From the Pavilion, head south along the path. Take the path to the right that veers away from the lake. Continue in the opposite direction from the direction the torpedo is pointing. At the intersection, pass under the bridge to your left. What is the grade of the path leading up to the bridge?
FIELDSTONE: Within the grassy area in the parking lot, you can find two trees fairly near each other whose names are both two words long and which share the same second word. The first word in one of the names is "Sweet"; what is the first word in the other name? Take the middle letter.
FIRE: Along the northern edge of the park is a playground enclosed inside a red fence. There are a number of stone statues of animals scattered around this enclosed playground: which animal is upside-down? Take the second-to-last letter of the word.
FISHER HILL RESERVOIR PARK: Enter at the parking lot off of Fisher Ave, and go up the stairs to your left. To the right of the landing between the two sets of stairs there is a stone sign thanking the funders who made this park possible. Find the 3 words in the larger font with two E's.
FITNESS: Just inside from the St. Edwards St entrance, there are a bunch of posts with states on them. What is the animal displayed on the New Jersey post?
FLUSHING MEADOWS CORONA PARK: In the seventieth century, you come back to the park to check some stuff stored here in 1938 and 1964. Who deposited them in the park?
FLYING KITES: On the door of the Children's Creativity Museum entrance, what color is the biggest creature with no eyes? What is the first letter of that color? Take the letter before this one in the alphabet.
FOOTBALL: Head to Eagle Point and find the information board on the railings. What are the 3 types of birds you can spot at Sungei Buloh mentioned here? Take the one whose second letter is S.
FOR: The victory garden is in the northwest corner of the park, and in the north corner of the victory garden you'll find a plot with a bunch of circled numbers. Subtract the number of baseballs on posts from the largest of the numbers.
FORT: There is a goddess statue on top of a structure here, dedicated by someone from a particular city - which city?
FORT GREENE PARK: Find the sign at the edge of the clearing that explains the monument in the middle of the park. This sign is not one with a list of names, but one that explains the monument in a bunch of paragraphs. Take the last three words on the sign that are more than three letters long.
FOX HILLS PARK: Go to the park sign at the south entrance and look for the plaque in the ground. Take the fifth, eleventh, and fourteenth last names.
FRANCISQUITO: Along the southern edge of the park is the dog park. Face the entrance of the dog park, turn right and then walk forward until you see a green fence on your left. There’s a sign on the green fence with orange lettering: what’s the fourth word of that sign?
FREE: One of the play areas has an adult fitness area made by KOMPAN. The four signs near it describe 56 different exercises one can do using the equipment. What is the sum of the difficulty levels (each out of 3) of the exercises?
FREEDOM: Next to the small house tucked in the south-east corner of the park, there is an information board on pelicans. On it is the scientific name of one particular species of pelican. What is the second word of that name?
FRIENDSHIP: A magnificent wooden gate welcomes you in and out of the Japanese friendship garden. Unfortunately, we are not far away from graffiti. When you are exiting the garden, you look up at the main support beam going across the inside of the gate’s roof, and you see a four-letter graffiti on the left side of it. What are these four letters?
FROST: Find a staircase of 45 steps (in two flights of 21 and 24 steps) on the east side of the park. From the top of the staircase, walk west along the pathway ending at a gravel trail that runs north-south. Along the way, you will pass small bronze sculptures of five animals; the first you pass is a pika and the last is a mourning dove. What is the second animal you pass?
GENEROUSLY: Go to the overlook point at a corner of the field. Stand on the overlook point looking at the parking lot. What direction are you facing? Take the letter that represents this direction on a compass.
GOLDFINCH: How many lanterns are to the west of the paved trail at the western edge of the park?
GRANT PARK: Find the mounted statue on an elevated region in the park, which contains three wreaths on the south side. Take the first word in the first wreath, the third word in the second wreath, and the second word in the third wreath, going from left to right.
GRAPES: On the main trail by the creek, east of the iron truss bridge, there is a clearing with two park benches. The bench toward the western side of the clearing faces north overlooking the creek, and there is a plaque with the name of the bench's dedicatee. What word appears in quotes on the plaque?
GREEN: Find the main sign marking the park in the southwest corner. What is the last word on the neighborhood signs that are across the street intersection?
H: How many boats can be parked at once in the lot outside the Kenai Fjords National Park Visitor Center?
HEAVEN: Find the basswood tree. If you walk about 20 steps past it, you'll come upon a wooden post with the same letter inscribed on all four sides. What is that letter? Take the letter two after this in the alphabet.
HER: Head all the way to the south end of the nearby sports field, where you'll find a memorial to the person the field is named after. What number is written out in words on the plaque?
HERE: At the West end of the bulb, south of the sculpture garden, you'll find a driftwood sculpture of a beast of burden, overlooking a cliff and a lagoon surrounded by two jetties. Behind the beast of burden is a round maze. Walk the maze from the entrance to the center. How many times do you turn left? Count a 90 degree turn and a 180 degree turn between lanes each as one turn. In the middle of the maze, you will discover the year when the park was gentrified. Multiply the number of left turns by the year of gentrification to get your answer.
HEROES: Go around to the side of the large stone wall at the park's WWII memorial and identify the last word on the first of the two lines of text there.
HILL: Facing the entrance to the Lakeside Park Garden Center, turn left to find a plaque about a figurative article of jewelry. According to the plaque, this article’s restoration allows it to “[reflect] the beauty of” man’s what with nature?
HOT COALS ONLY: There are several white stone benches near Coyote Creek that allow you to sit on an informational plaque about the local ecosystem. You may even find yourself sitting on a paragraph containing two numbers (same for all the benches near Coyote Creek). If we look at their digits, one forms an arithmetic sequence and the other forms a multiplicative sequence. What number do you get from adding together all of the digits in these two numbers?
HOWARD: Across from the parking lot where you started, there is a green fence. The two sides of the green fence are locked together with two locks: one gray Master lock and a golden-colored Master lock. At the bottom of this golden lock, where the number wheels are, is a number and a 5-letter sequence. What is the 5-letter sequence? Convert the first two letters to numbers, multiply them together, and convert back to a letter. This single letter is what you are looking for.
HTG: If you walk along the path on the church side of Angel's Bridge, you'll see a playground to your right. On the edge of that playground it is possible to play a common pen and paper game. What symbol used in that game takes multiple strokes to write?
IGAVIKKU: Go to Angel's Bridge. Walk towards the church side of the bridge. What is the last name of the person quoted on the first bench to your right?
INEFFABLE: Find the monument called the "Remembrance Tower" and go inside. What branch of the armed forces is referred to above the entrance to the monument? Take the first letter.
IS: Start at the sign for the Historic Streetcar Station at Lexington & Horton. Follow the path along the west side of the station, staying to the left of the pedestrian bridge. Stop at the sign kiosk between the two bridges. What is the distance indicated between points B and D on the diagram of the Melan Arch?
JEREMY LIN: As you walk out of library, you turn to the left and walk towards the tennis courts. Before you reach the tennis courts, however, you see a different kind of court surrounded by a black fence. Through the fence, you see a large collaborative mural. Surrounding the two objects in the middle of the mural are a large ring of drawn emojis and objects. What object, starting with a p, is at the very top of this ring?
JONES: Find the sandpit and look for the volleyball poles. What street sign does the top of the volleyball pole look like?
KELLEY PARK: There is a parking lot next to Leininger Community Center. On the eastern corner of this parking lot, there is a large Welcome sign to the zoo along with a smaller white sign with a long list of park rules and things that are not allowed. For example, you are only allowed to have alcohol in picnic areas and not in parking lots. What are the three examples of alcohol that they give?
KIDS: Start at the statue called Arch Cradle (near the northwestern park - not JLS - tennis courts). From there, go northwestern along a straight path parallel to the parking lot. Before you reach the end of the path, you will see a mysterious concrete area with lots of triangles on the floor. You’re worried the illuminati might be involved, but a friend reassures you that the number of triangles is off… How many triangles are there in this area? (Keep in mind some triangles are inside of others!) Divide by 6.
KNEE: Go to the east end of the skate park and walk up the stairs. Turn around and look for a stained glass window. What color are the most panes in that window?
KURADISILD: Go under Devil's Bridge. Position yourself so that the hill is to your left. What number is inscribed in the underside of the bridge?
L: Find the monument called the "Flag Panel". This monument acts as an abstract representation of the American flag. How many bricks are used to represent the classic "blue field of stars" on a regular American flag? Add two.
LAKE MERRITT: Walk South from the pergola along the East edge of the lake, until you reach an intersection in the sidewalk. Across the street you will see an orange house. If you look Southwest across the lake, you will see four small words (all nouns!) floating in midair, between two buildings. What are the first three words? (If you have trouble seeing them, you can get a closer view by walking around the lake.)
LAREDO: Find the statue of an eagle. Look at the plaque and find the list of former council members. What is the middle initial of the sixth former council member on this list? Don’t include the mayor at the top.
LEAGUE: There's a StoryWalk in the windows on the east side of an appropriate nearby building, near some animal-shaped benches. What is the first name of the author of the story depicted?
LIFE: At the museum of science, you catch two objects before they are sent to the sky. What’s the serial number (?) on the smaller object? Take the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the first digit (A=1, B=2, etc.)
LINCOLN: You enter the park from the southeast where you are intrigued by the statue of a lady leaning against a rock. You walk around her and see a poem dedicated to her engraved on the ground. What is the sixth word?
LIONS: Cross the park road. Underneath a sign that says "SERVICE VEHICLES ONLY" is a sign warning you about local wildlife. What kind of animal is it referencing?
LITTLE: Near the basketball court is a fountain with a sign that says it was tested by the local Water Dept! What's the first word in orange on the sign?
LIVE: Near the start of the Mine Trail, there is a sign that asserts the nonexistence of a particular type of fairy. What kind of fairy is being referenced?
LOCUST: Find a post with the number 8 on top. Walk a little bit in the direction of the post with the number 7 on top a bit to find a tree with a hyphenated name. What is the last of three words in this name?
M: What creature seen in Tolkien names a chasm in a national park?
MAPLE: In the north part of the park, there is a Freedom tree. In what month was it dedicated?
MATTIE: One of the trees in the northern section of the park has a crochet wrapping on around its trunk. What is the color of the hearts on this wrapping?
MCCARREN PARK: Find one of the official signs for the Skate Park. What three body parts are mentioned in the first paragraph, in order?"
MILLER: Near the Rotary Nature Center, ascend a four-step staircase to learn about the American Coot. According to the laminated card, this bird is famous for its ability to perform what action?
MIND: Go to the entrance to the Old Pond trail. You can see two sets of wooden plank stairs in front of you. How many steps are in the second (farther away) set? There should be slightly fewer than in the first set. Once you have your answer, multiply it by ten.
MINT: One of the play areas has a staircase with nine numbers written on either side of it. These are the nine smallest from among what numbers?
MITCHELL PARK: Near the lower entrance of the Magical bridge playground (near the Southern Mitchell Park - not JLS - tennis courts), you’ll see a white sign enumerating the playground rules. Read the first word of the 7th rule, the 11th word of the 8th rule, and the 5th word of the 9th rule. What did you read?
MOCHA: What is the color of the only water fountain in the park?
MOORHEN: On the four corners of the blue-railed bridge at the centre of the lake are four poles. What headgear sits atop each of these poles?
MOUNTAIN: In the parking lot where you start, there is a pole with a brown sign. Underneath it is a yellow box. What does the text on the yellow box say?
MY: Find the utility boxes at the crossing of the Somerville Community Path and Willow Ave. On the BACK of the very colorful box (painted as part of the Somerville Arts Council Project), what is the only adjective that begins with the letter E?
N: At the end of the parking lot is a building with restrooms. What is the adjective in the phrase they use for the restrooms?
NAME: Walk down the western shore of the bulb, South from the sculpture garden, until you see a sign that says XFILE on your left. A little further South, you will locate a "cave" (really more of a concrete cube) that you can crawl into. A popular blue cartoon character is painted on the right side of this cave. What is this character's last name?
NATURE: Stand in front of a red birdhouse. Not too far behind you is a tree whose name is two words, the first word a color. What is the second word?
NDS: Look for a staircase between the lower and upper paths of the park. At the top of the staircase is a sign with a sticker on it. What acronym is on this sticker?
NO ENTRY: Find a trash can on the basketball court. Turn away from it, facing the outside perimeter of the park and walk to the nearest tree. A number is inscribed on its trunk. What is it? Multiply by 12.
NORTH: There is a collection of many sculptures placed together in the park. Who was the engineering assistant behind the collection? Take the second letter of the first word.
NRKE: Go to the Happy Hollow Administration Building. Next to the front entrance, there is a dashing statue of a capybara. How many toes can you see? Divide by two.
OCTAGON: The New York State Pavilion Tower is under construction. When is the work anticipated to be completed?
OHLONE: Behind the waterfall, how many languages (including English) are on the boards?
OMALE: Go to the statue that is surrounded by a fence. On the English translation of the plaque, What is the second word of the sixth line?
ONOCROTALUS: Locate the Artillery Monument on the North East side of the park. There are two pillars on the left and right side of the monument with black stone laurel wreaths that have a letter in each of them. The answer to this clue = the letter on the left pillar + the letter on the right pillar.
ORANGE: How many ladders are there on the wooden play structure? Multiply by fourteen.
ORIENTAL: After you passed the Visitor Centre, find to a marker named 'The Kranji Tree' with a tree icon at the top near the small pond. What is the number shown on a big leaf on the bottom left of the marker?
OSPREYS: Along the Coastal Trail betwee Eagle Point and Lumnitzera Walk, look for a marker called 'Flora Associated with Mangroves'. What are the two plants named on this marker? Take the longer-named one. What vowel appears in both words?
OTSIDA: Go to Devil's Bridge. The English version of the plaque at the bottom translates a German name into Estonian. What is the Estonian name present in the sign?
OWL: Look for a public phone booth. What sequence of numbers would you have to dial to a) get a credit card, b) get chase bank, and c) check the weather? Disregard asterisk signs.
P: Walk around the Japanese garden. On its southwestern side the walkway passes by a stone lantern which has a base in the shape of a regular polygon. How many sides does this polygon have? Multiply by 4 and take the corresponding letter of the alphabet.
PALOUSE: Walk the short loop trail on the far side of the suspension bridge. Along the loop there are four low blue signs, the heading of each will match one of the following patterns: W______ ______R, S______'_ __Y, P_______ _________R, S______ _____E. Take the second and third letter of each of those four headings. What plant-related English word is an anagram of those eight letters?
PARKING: You find yourself a stage where cars drive above you counterclockwise in a perfect circle. How many arches are there around you? Subtract two.
PARTNERSHIP: Along the North edge of the lake just West of the pergola, find the trash can with a black bird on one side and a red bird on another. On its front is a galactic body with a red object sticking out of it. Name this object (6 letters).
PEOPLE: There is a statue who sits or stands above a world. What year was this piece made?
PERENNIALS: Find the piece of public art that resembles a large beehive or pinecone. The sculpture is constructed out of wood salvaged from grain silos located in what region?
PETIOLES: Find the suspension bridge. As you walk across it, count the number of vertical metal cables that hold up the suspended portion of the bridge, including cables on both your left and right side. How many are there? Divide by 9.
PETS: Near the lower entrance to the Magical bridge playground is a tall windcatcher with two small flags on top. You see that love is to joy as kind is to heart. Play is to ___?
PI: Find a statue with three herons. What letter can you read on the northeast heron's neck? Take the next letter in the alphabet.
PIGLET: It's time to take a break. You lie on a beach and it's a wonderful spot to view the sunset. After the sunset, you start counting circular objects in front of you in reminiscence of the sun. How many of them are there? Add six and take the corresponding letter of the alphabet.
PLANE: Near the entrance to the library, you notice a large plaque on the wall celebrating the donors for the library. There seem to be a lot of donations from someone named...Anonymous. How many donations are there from anonymous that we can see on this plaque? Double the number and take that letter of the alphabet.
POLICE: Directly outside St. James's Cafe on the northeast side is a sign titled "Waterfowl of St. James's Park", which stands on the lakeside. What is the one-word non-scientific name of bird number 15?
POOP: Also near this large tree is a big metal bin with water in it. To the left of the bin is a small blue rectangle on the ground. The edge of this rectangle are the words "___ Industries".
PRIDE: Near the entrance of the park library, you notice a tall pillar that reads “Welcome”. On one of the sides, it lists six icons describing various fundamental forces or phenomena. It reminds you a lot of Avatar the Last Airbender, in which people are able to bend the four elements: water, air, earth and fire. Three of these elements are here… what’s the fourth one?
PRIME: There's a poem by Jeffrey Walker engraved in the sidewalk in front of a large American flag. What's the last word of the fourth line of the poem? Take the second-to-last letter of the word.
PROHIBITED: Start out in front of the dog park, facing the entrance. Turn left and keep walking until a fork in the road. You find yourself next to a “small” redwood tree on top of a hill. There’s a plaque next to it with a whole paragraph about the history of the tree. What is the second word of the third line of this paragraph?
PURPLE: Start at the highest point in the park. Go down a large staircase, continuing until you’re at the last landing before the staircase ends. Turn right onto a dirt trail in the middle of the last flight of stairs. Twenty feet or so in, there’s a tree trunk on the left. What letter is formed by cracks in the trunk?
QUABBIN: Follow the outermost trail around the park looking for logs laid end to end. How many logs are there? Multiply your answer by eleven.
RACHEL: Find the large sundial. Engraved in stone on the ground on one side of the sundial are the letters TRUE NORTH. Between the E and the N in TRUE NORTH is another stone with smaller lettering. What is the third word on this stone? Take the last letter.
RATTLESNAKE: In the vicinity of Junction 28 is a large tree with two benches underneath it. When facing the front of the benches, the left one (which has more graffiti than the other) also has a person's name carved into it. Remove the last letter of the person's name to get a band.
RAVEN: At the very edge of the community path near College Ave, there is a community garden. At the back of the garden there is a sign that reads "BIKEWAY COMMUNITY GARDEN". What fruit is drawn on the top right corner of that sign? Take the fourth letter.
RAVENNA PARK / COWEN PARK: Near the center of the park, on the main trail by the creek, there is a small metal sign with an illustration of a duck, a dragonfly, and local plants. What are the first 3 words on the sign?
RED: Find the monument called the "Remembrance Tower". Identify the wall of the monument that has the smallest width (not counting the wall that is split in half). What acronym for a branch of the armed forces is on the outside of this thinnest wall? Take the first letter of the acronym, and go 3 letters forward in the alphabet.
REESTABLISHING: Walk to the softball diamond on the east side of the park. In what might be considered right field, there is a poem on a metal plaque on a short stone pillar. Who is the poet?
REGIMENT: At the southwest entrance to the park next to the street, locate an information board with the map of the park as well as some extra information. What was the year when exotic birds were introduced?
RESERVOIR: Find a metal slide. What color is the opening to the slide painted?
RESPECT: Stand below the light in the south west corner of the park. Look up. What number do you see? Divide by 3 and round down.
RIVERSIDE PARK: At the southeast corner of the park, there is a blue road sign with an arrow pointing left. What are the three words on it?
RUTH: At the west margin of the bulb there is a lagoon surrounded by two jetties and a transverse connection between them. At the end of the trail leading to the south jetty, locate a slab with two fish painted on it. On this slab is the name of a supernatural creature, with a letter from a foreign language inserted in the middle. What is that letter?
S: Find a circular patch of soil surrounded by bricks with a tree at its center. You can see three wheel-like objects, two of which have 6 and 8 spokes. How many spokes does the third one have?
SAILBOATS: Start at the pool and head west along the paved path. Stay right at the fork (veering away from the road). At the T-intersection, turn left and proceed to the group of three raised planting beds. What is the repeated letter in the 16th word on the sign in the 3rd flower bed (the one that is furthest from the T-intersection)? Take the letter two before this in the alphabet.
SAKE: There is a helpful sign at the top of the Kelley Park Ampitheater for possibly desperate park visitors. The sign is near a fork in the road. What word composes the fifth line of this sign?
SAN FRANCISCO: South across the street from a statue related to music, there are three sets of stairs leading back down into the park - how many steps are there in total?
SANTA TERESA COUNTY PARK: Continue along the park road until you reach the restroom. There is a large sign on a stand next to the restroom. Take the first three words from this sign.
SATURDAY: You enter a playground that's near the crossing of a figure eight. In the middle there are two namesake animals. They don't seem to be friends as they are turning away from each other. How many horns do they have together? Add 1.
SAY: Locate the park's most famous statue, the beseeching woman, in the sculpture garden. Face in the same direction as the woman. Slightly to your left, you will see the phrase "Hope", in memory of a certain individual. Which of this person's names has a three letter suffix that is also a suffix of the cardinal direction that you're facing?
SCULPTOR: As you head south across the water, you'll come across a metal object on a stand. In which year was it made?
SEDIMENT: As you walk from the East Garden toward the Esplanade, you will see some art on your right side. What is the name of the hologram that will tell you a story about an art piece you cannot see with your bare eye alone? What letter appears most often in that word?
SENECA CREEK STATE PARK: Find the amphitheater (there should be 12 wooden benches). There is a plaque nearby dedicated August 1, 1996. What are the first, fourth, and sixth words in the quote?
SNAKE: At the end of the Coastal Trail, leading towards the Plaza and Wetland Centre, find a marker named 'Coastal Mangroves' with a tree icon on top. Look at the last sentence on the right side, what is the eighth word?
SOFTBALL: Go to disc golf zone 3 and stand where you would stand if you were throwing the frisbee. You are near a paved path. Across the paved path, there is a manmade structure that sticks out like a sore thumb. What is this structure made of?
SOMERVILLE COMMUNITY PATH: On the end of the path section closer to College Ave, you will find a strange collection of art and sculptures. Find the tall pair of three-legged creatures near Cedar St that are named "George" and "Big Poppy." What three word phrase is the yellow creature requesting of you?
SOUL: Find a bench to the right of a post with the number 1 at the top. Further to the left and behind the bench is a tree whose name contains the same letter four times. What is that letter?
SOUTH: Go to the lowest point in the park. Go north until you run into a wall. What is the third word listed on that wall?
SOUTHPOINTE: On the southern end of the eastern edge of the park, there is an entrance and a path along some apartments. How many trees are lined up next to this path? Divide by 6 and take that letter of the alphabet.
SPLENDOR: Go to the top of the park, and walk one flight of stairs down the big staircase. Go to the center-right part of the landing, and you’ll see a few large objects. What is the longest word written on top of one of the objects?
SPRING 2021: Head north from the zoo. You notice three animals that escaped from the zoo. A whale, a camel, and who else? Take the letter three later in the alphabet from the second letter of the animal.
SQUARE: There is a wall mural featuring numerous people playing instruments near a large statue - how many people are there? Take its square root.
ST. JAMES'S PARK: Locate the Guard's Memoral on the east side of the park and stand in front of it, where there are five soldiers. Above their heads, find the bottom right word of the left side (your left as you look at the front side) of the monument, the bottom right word of the street-facing side of the monument, and the bottom right word of the right side. These three words, in that order, is the answer to this clue.
STROLLER: How many shoes does the shaking man have? Take that number and subtract one.
SUGAR LAND MEMORIAL PARK AT THE BRAZOS RIVER CORRIDOR: There are two windmills at Memorial Park. Go to the one that is farther away from all the picnic tables and look up. What are the last two words in the windmill's name? + What city does the windmill refer to?
SUNGEI BULOH NATURE RESERVE: At the Wetland Centre, look for an information board on snakes, with the title 'Land'. What is the name of a green snake on the board?
TAWNY: Locate the Boy Statue at the south side of the park. On the pedestal, between the numbers, what mirrored capital letter is engraved in stone? Go 6 letters later in the alphabet.
TENNIS: The track has numbers and arrows on it. What color are the arrows? What is the first letter of that color? Take the letter before this one in the alphabet.
TENTACLES: South of the driftwood sculpture of the beast of burden, you'll find a boardwalk of spray painted concrete slabs. At the northern end of this boardwalk you'll find a house that's full of secrets. In this house, find a neologism that describes a system that benefits from stress.
THE ALBANY BULB: On the upper path to the bulb, locate a series of black and white portraits. To the right of the woman named Sandra, what three word phrase do you see in pink mosaic tile? Before using the second word, add an E to it.
TODAY: As you stand on the lawn circle between the play structure and the Children's Creativity Museum, look back toward the pedestrian bridge. You should see an overpass. On the right-hand wall, take the number that is beside the handicap sign. Multiply your answer by ten.
TONGUE: Go to the Kiwanis Kiddie Korner playground, and stand at the top of the blue-green spiral slide as if you were about to slide down it. You’ll see a twisty tree in front of you, stretching to the right across the ground. Taken as a whole, what letter does this tree most resemble? Take the next letter in the alphabet.
TOOMEMÄGI: Between Musumägi and the church, there is a large statue with raised metal text on the bottom. Take the three words on the fourth line.
TURNER: Find the baseball cage and walk towards the park’s outer fence. Look for a blue and white building. What animal is perched on top of it?
UPACHIBAGOBA: On the main trail by the creek, find a covered signboard with a lot of text describing local history and ecology. On the right side of the board are pictures of five species of plants and three species of birds, two of which are the blue heron and the pileated woodpecker. What is the third species of bird? Take the second letter.
V: East of water, look for a sign with nine rainbow letters. A few feet behind it through a fence, you can see a “press” described by what adjective?
VILLA LA JOLLA PARK: In the northwest corner of the park, there is a friendship garden. In that garden there is a section honoring dogs (with 2 dog puns!). What are the three dog names that begin with m?
WALLABOUT: How many stairs are in the tallest staircase in the park?
WESTINGHOUSE: In front of the Queens Museum, find a small pavilion to take a rest. What’s the shape of the pavilion?
WETLAND: Find the zip line. Painted on the wall behind it is a mural with a yellow background. In the mural, what object is directly below the ladybug?
WHIP: At the Tupai Hut, find a marker named 'Threats Faced by the Mangrove Forest'. What is the only sport mentioned on this marker?
WHITE: Below the sign marking the friendship and butterfly garden in the northwest corner of the park, 7 painted oval stones form a word. What is that word?
WIGGLE: Find the basketball court between Cedar St and Willow Ave that is named after a city which you are not in. According to the Somerville Neighborway sign, how many minutes would it take to walk from here to Ball Square?
WIND: What kind of critter can find a home at the base of the windmill that is not near the picnic area?
WINE: Go to the picnic area that has a two-letter acronym that is also a word. Observe that there is an interesting bin at that site with three words on it and a bold diagram. What are the three words concatenated?
WINTER HILL: On the end of the path section closer to College Ave, you will find a strange collection of art and sculptures. Find the weird modified chair embedded into a tree (right behind the "give a book, take a book," yellow-lid bins) with a trampoline at the top. According to the frame sign, who is wanted "dead or alive?"
WRIST: Enter the park at the corner of Lorimer and Bayard. Curve right where the path splits. Pass one gate in the fence on your right. The track is on your left. Count the benches on your right until you get to the next gate. How many are there?
X: What sport’s world record is exactly the elevation gain of the Modelo Trail?
Y: What is the distance in feet between the parking lots at the entrances to the Big Plateau Trail and the Jones Creek Trail, rounded to the nearest multiple of 1000?
YERBA BUENA GARDENS: At the north end of the pedestrian bridge, there is a sign titled Human History Under Our Feet. In the blue section, take the first three words of the last sentence in the second paragraph.