Illiterate Programming

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How many words are there in each description of a programming language?

What would happen if you treated each line as code in the programming language it describes?

Exactly one word in each description is a keyword in the programming language being described.


The programming languages' names start with distinct consecutive letters of the alphabet, starting from A. Use that to order them.

  • a language foundation maintains this programming language that draws heavy inspiration from c++ but includes optional garbage collection alongside low level features such as inline assembly
  • game development scripts often use this lightweight programming language but other applications unrelated to games also often embed or use this programming language to implement extensions
  • it's not object oriented but this programming language descended from algol is considered very high level and has powerful facilities for processing strings and textual patterns
  • relatively concise procedural code and better handling of nulls without sacrificing compilation speed are some of the features of this programming language that interoperates with java
  • some of the most notable features this purely functional programming language has are being lazily evaluated and using monads to isolate side effects among other applications
  • this ancient programming language features a highly verbose syntax like english and sees widespread deployments involving governmental financial applications like the united states internal revenue service
  • this calculator language that was standardized by posix also lets users define functions and originated as a simple compiler in front of its stack based predecessor
  • this functional programming language in the lineage of coq is also an interactive proof assistant and both its name and its logo are references to coq
  • this general purpose programming language is designed to do heavy numeric computations particularly well and led to three of its cocreators winning a numerical software prize
  • this programming language compiles to bytecode that runs on the erlang virtual machine and is similarly designed towards concurrent distributed applications but has more metaprogramming facilities
  • this programming language named after a musical note alongside many others that interoperate under microsoft's .net framework is part of the ml functional programming language family
  • this programming language uses interface types and embedding instead of subclassing to achieve polymorphism and though it notably lacks generics there are several public draft designs