Hockfield Court

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We're given five crossword clues, but no crossword grid. "Hockfield Court", the puzzle title, describes a place at MIT where the grid can be found.

The five clue answers should be written along the five paths that cross diagonally through Hockfield Court. One letter should be written on each intersection, so two of the paths will have 5 letters, and the other three paths will have 4 letters. Remember which way EAST should be written!


When the letters are correctly filled in, the answer is spelled out by the six letters at the intersections of the five paths.

  • Book with a collection of maps
  • ___ to west (direction to place this answer)
  • Adam and Eve's garden
  • Topic of 17 patents that MIT licensed to Samsung according to a November 1997 MIT News article
  • Language in which "path" is "llwybr"