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Start by creating a copy of the sheet linked in the puzzle.

Use Google sheets formulas in order to fill in the highlighted cell on each sheet - copying this cell to all of the other enclosed cells should give a legible English phrase.

Note that these phrases are not actually used in the puzzle beyond confirming that your formula is correct.

clues for more difficult formulas

Some functions that may be helpful for some of the more difficult sheets are ARRAYFORMULA, INDIRECT, COUNTIF, and REGEXREPLACE


As hinted on the final “Extract” sheet, we proceed by copying the formulas from the previous sheets into the corresponding colored boxes on the final sheet.

Note that in Google Sheets this can be done by either directly copying the formula text from the cell, or by copying the cell itself (to preserve relative references). The latter is correct here.

We made some progress on this puzzle already, but we need help extracting answers from the data we collected. Could you take a look at our spreadsheet?
Due to load, Here are four alternate versions of the spreadsheet that you should be able to make a copy of. They are all identical and this note is not a puzzle. Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4