Help I'm Trapped in a Computer

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This field goal takes place in the computer cluster in building 1. There are 4 computers with the aperture science logo to interact with.

Each computer is a text adventure. You can move between text adventures by shooting portals and can transfer letter blocks between them to spell out the relevant words.

extract, transform

Each pair of crossword clue requires the words to be "portaled" through each other. For example, [Mail (4) O-O Tremble (5)] solves to POST and COWER. Portaling through the O's gives the transformed words COST and POWER.

Spell the transformed words to obtain new letters. The final word you need to spell is PORTAL for the clue [Thematic object (6)].

Yew Labs anticipates that you will need to use the Projection Device for this puzzle in one of the computer clusters.