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You should identify the songs and the video games that they are from. The first number by each song is an index; don't worry about it for now. The second is a year that isn't directly related to the song or the game, but is when something happened involving the game.

year, title

Each video game was showcased at a certain event in the given year. Consult the puzzle title and flavortext to identify the event and how to apply the indices to each game.

year, title, index

Someone played each of these games in one of the given year's Games Done Quick speedrunning marathons. Index the number beside each song into that person's name. You can use for lookup. This will give you a cluephrase indicating what to do next.


"vgleadsheets" refers to a website. Find the relevant pages on that site and then do something similar to what you've already done.

vgleadsheets, extract

Locate the sheet music for each song on The PDF will tell you who arranged the song. Use the same indices as before to find out what you should call in.

Thank you to the runners, the staff, and everyone who helps arrange these events. You’re all awesome.

1 (2010) download

2 (2019) download

2 (2019) download

8 (2014) download

7 (2012) download

5 (2018) download

1 (2020) download

8 (2020) download

6 (2013) download

4 (2018) download

6 (2011) download

3 (2015) download