Fret Not!

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The title is a hint as to what is going on in this puzzle. It'll help to have some guitar knowledge, though you can get by without it. It's important that you transcribe the notes played accurately.

You need to determine which guitar fret each note is played on. Some of the 5-note chords may not have 100% clear fingerings, but they will be disambiguated in the course of solving the puzzle.

Each crossword clue solves to a word with the same number of letters as the number of notes in the corresponding guitar chord.

Write the answer to each crossword clue into a grid such that the position of each letter corresponds to the position of each note in the chord on a guitar fretboard. Just like in a crossword, the letter will be the same wherever two entries overlap at the same position on the fretboard.


Count the number of times each position on the fretboard is used by any of the chords/crossword entries.

[Offer to check the crossword grid for errors.]

The letter in each position on the fretboard is "checked" (there are two entries/chords that use that pass through position), except for a single position on each of the ten frets used in the grid. Read off the one unchecked letter from each fret in ascending order.