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These 20 entries are written in the style of the SCP Wiki, meaning that some information is redacted by opaque boxes. Try to identify whom the entries are about, using clues from available information, which should help fill in the redacted info.

keyword, redact

Each character's article has several words redacted with a highlighted letter. Once you've identified most/all of the highlighted letters for a particular character, try finding a keyword related to this character that can be (almost) spelled using the highlighted letters.


The missing letters in the keywords spell out GOOD SMILE DIFFERENCES. It may be helpful to look up what kinds of products the company Good Smile is known for.

extract, nendoroid

There are 20 Nendoroid ID's in total, and if you sort them, you may notice that some of them are very close to each other while others are not. The cluephrase GOOD SMILE DIFFERENCES suggests subtracting numbers.

Shelter, Care for, Protect

Item #: ███

Object Class: Surveyor

Special Care Procedures: SCP-███ is to be furnished with tools for maintaining cybernetic body parts, and given access to a training facility. Said facility is to be populated with inexpensive robots capable of limited locomotion and projectile fire which can serve as targets.

During the absence of SCP-790, SCP-███'s preferred doctor, military-grade medkits clearly marked with a red cross symbol are to be placed sporadically around the site and routinely refilled to meet SCP-███'s impromptu medical needs.

Female personnel are to remain alert of SCP-███'s flirtatious advances, as relationships between personnel and SCP's constitute a violation of Foundation policy.

Description: SCP-███ is a 35-year old male cyborg. SCP-███ wears a silver mask with a singular fluorescent eye slit. SCP-███ was found in 2018/06.

SCP-███ is skilled in ninjutsu like his brother SCP-839. In the past, SCP-███, nicknamed ██████, was nearly executed by SCP-839 due to their family empire's illegal business dealings, but survived through cyberization.

SCP-███'s style of combat revolves around launching ███████s in sets of three (3) at distant foes, and striking down foes nearby with his ōdachi. SCP-███ used his skills to aid a covert ops GoI named B████████.

It has been reported that SCP-███ has garnered some fame among Foundation military personnel for shouting his catchphrase, "██████ no ███ wo ████!" at critical moments. The Council has ordered squad leaders to curb the rampant imitation of SCP-███'s outburst due to its obvious hindrance in stealth operations.

artificial male shooter surveyor sword

Item #: ████

Object Class: Sophomore

Special Care Procedures: SCP-████ is not allowed to play baseball due to risk of injury.

A Foundation dentist is to be assigned to study SCP-████'s tooth number 11 (based on Universal System). It is unclear whether this skin-colored protrusion is epidermal or dental in nature, but its high profile due to SCP-████'s gregarious behavior has raised many anatomical questions.

Disparaging the culinary merits of Choco-mint within 100m of SCP-████ is forbidden, including comparing it to other mint-flavored products such as toothpaste. Personnel found to be engaging in such acts by SCP-████ must publicly recant while avoiding eye contact, and bystanding personnel are to applaud the innovative contributions of Choco-mintians during said process.

SCP-████ has been diagnosed with climacophobiaphobia, namely the fear of developing climacophobia. Development of acclimation therapy via stairwells of gradually increasing height is currently underway.

Description: SCP-████ is a short 20-year old human female with silver hair and blue eyes. SCP-████ is expected to be found in 2021/03.

SCP-████ exhibits a strong attachment to SCP-████-2, a 20-year old human male who is her ████████████ in college. SCP-████-2, who goes by the name ███████, generally devotes minimal effort toward sociability, to the extent that encountering a single friend of SCP-████-2 provokes a reaction of shock from SCP-████.

SCP-████ is an avid enthusiast of the video game ███████, a cooperative game in which she and SCP-████-2 play as white humanoid felines constructing edifices using cubic building blocks while fending off enemies such as green zombies.

Contrary to her ditzy first impression, SCP-████ has shown proficiency with communication protocols that might appear in the MIT Mystery Hunt. In a crowded cafeteria, she has been observed to make gesticulations corresponding to f███ s██████s to communicate to SCP-████-2 from afar, though her attempts to ascertain SCP-████-2's status by this method have yet to succeed.

female future noncombat sophomore student

Item #: ███

Object Class: Vibrato

Special Care Procedures: Computers with SCP-███ installed must be scanned with Foundation anti-virus software before and after each use, and whenever they are attached to a keyboard via USB, the X and O keys must be verified to have minimal latency. The disappearance of SCP-███ from any Foundation computer is to be avoided at all cost except to install a newer version of SCP-███.

SCP-███ and other Vibrato-class entities may reserve Foundation auditoriums for staged performances. All personnel including D-class may attend outside of work hours, but are required to carry one (1) two-pronged glow-stick in each hand, and to configure them to the same color as the performer's hair. Although SCP-███'s performances have been well-received, the Council is reviewing measures to mitigate the loss of productivity caused by SCP-███ and other Vibrato-class entities.

Ticket scalpers of performance events featuring SCP-███ such as Coachella must be traced by IP and terminated.

Description: SCP-███ is a proprietary music software program that manifests as a humanoid songstress with turquoise hair. The physical manifestation of SCP-███ typically wears a grey vest and turquoise n████, but is capable of swapping costumes instantaneously, for instance to a costume from the M████ R█████████ era when singing about a sizeable quantity of Prunus serrulata. SCP-███ was found in 2011/06.

SCP-███'s voice is powered by a █████-brand synthesizer. Outside of singing, SCP-███'s eclectic skill set includes dancing, butchering the Finnish language, and gyrating bundles of Allium a██████████ with limitless stamina.

On rare occasions, SCP-███ may sing in non-humanoid forms, such as that of a space-faring Felis ████ with a carbohydrate-dense body.

Addendum: When last sighted, SCP-███ was wearing a more gleeful disposition than usual in an effort to raise funds for the aftermath of the Tōhoku ██████████ and ██████.

artificial female noncombat vibrato

Item #: ███

Object Class: Magician

Special Care Procedures: Protection of SCP-███-2 is a top priority at all times, even superseding the protection of SCP-███, as the latter can heal from bodily harm that would normally be fatal.

Requests for military-grade equipment made by SCP-███ are to be granted unconditionally, as denying them has proven to be futile. Foundation personnel have noticed a notable decrease in suicide rates following the arrival of each Magician-class entity including SCP-███.

Critical to the care of SCP-███ is the survival and psychological well-being of SCP-174, which must be ensured at all times. Two (2) Foundation-affiliated attorneys who have scored full marks on a bar exam sanctioned by Japan's Ministry of Justice are to interrogate any foreign entities attempting to communicate with SCP-174. In the event that an entity presents a legal document to SCP-174, both attorneys are to scrutinize said document for clauses pertaining to laws generally not known to students in secondary education, including the Four Laws of Thermodynamics. Should the document contain clauses of this type, military personnel are to be summoned immediately to assist SCP-███ in terminating all traces of the offending entity.

Failure to protect SCP-174, and SCP-███ by extension, may result in an advanced alien race causing an XK-Class End-of-the-World scenario.

Description: SCP-███ is a human female of teenage years with black hair and violet eyes. SCP-███ possesses a purple jeweled accessory (hereafter referred to as SCP-███-2) whose size and shape are similar to those of a quail egg. SCP-███ was found in 2011/11.

When SCP-███-2 is activated, SCP-███ instantaneously changes into combat attire. In this mode, SCP-███'s most salient ability is a form of instantaneous movement that can only be explained by pausing time for all objects and beings except SCP-███, and those in contact with her. SCP-███ claims that her abilities were not innate, but were granted after making a ███████, and refers to SCP-███-2 as her ████ .

Request 1: SCP-███ has requested a lifetime supply of Malus domestica for SCP-217. Request granted.

Request 2: SCP-███ has requested the following list of military-grade equipment:

  • Beretta 92FS
  • Desert Eagle Mark XIX
  • ███████ M870
  • Howa Type 89
  • M249 SAW
  • M26 grenades
  • M84 grenades
  • AT-4
  • RPG-7
  • M224
Request initially denied due to safety concerns. Was retroactively granted after listed equipment disappeared from Foundation arsenal and appeared in SCP-███'s possession.

chrono dependency explosive female magician shooter

Item #: ████

Object Class: Paradise

Special Care Procedures: SCP-████ is to be given expedited access at the DMV. The Paradise-class entity SCP-1311 is not allowed to visit her window. Violators of parking rules are to retrieve their vehicle immediately to minimize unmeaningful surges in SCP-████'s workload.

Staff are forbidden from commenting on SCP-████'s endearing appearance. This restriction does not apply to those of lagomorphic backgrounds.

Per SCP-████'s request, yoga practitioners within Foundation grounds must remain fully clothed at all times.

Description: SCP-████ is a humanoid female urban law enforcement officer hailing from a rural background, with abundant grey hair and purple eyes. SCP-████ was found in 2020/09.

SCP-████ and SCP-1311 form an unlikely alliance to investigate a dangerous class C botanical known as █████ █████s with both depressant and stimulant effects. When they trace a series of related crimes back to the politician L█████ L████████, the latter is fired and incarcerated.

However, he is not the mastermind behind the distribution of this substance. Even following his removal from office, citizens who share dietary similarities with SCP-████ have mounting fears that citizens who share dietary similarities with SCP-1311 will go █████, leading to unrest and discrimination.

Pertinent to her dietary habits, SCP-████ carries around a c█████ ██ which handily doubles as an audio recorder.

diet female leadership paradise

Item #: ████

Object Class: Scripture

Special Care Procedures: SCP-████ is to be kept in proximity to SCP-1260, and the two are to engage in mutually beneficial activities such as stargazing, listening to music, and sleeping over. SCP-████ must not be allowed to betray SCP-1260's trust. This may impede the progress of SCP-████'s beneficiary's goals, but is required by the Special Care Procedures of SCP-1260, who suffers from acute mental fragility.

SCP-████ is not to pilot the units of other Scripture-class entities without authorization. Moreover, SCP-████ may not enter the LCL Plant, as seeing the plant's primary source would jeopardize SCP-████'s will for self-preservation, and could potentially cause an XK-Class End of the World Scenario through SCP-1260.

Description: SCP-████ is a 15-year old humanoid male with grey hair and red eyes. SCP-████ was found in 2020/07.

SCP-████'s main goal is to bring about the ████ ██████, which would cause the unification of all Lilin.

Like other Scripture-class entities, SCP-████ is capable of piloting giant mechanical combat units, but SCP-████ is the unique pilot who can do so remotely. He achieves this using his unrivaled A██████ T█████ █████, such as when he took over SCP-1431's unit during her absence.

SCP-████ shares a close, ambiguously romantic bond with SCP-1260. It is possible that SCP-████ fills the void in SCP-1260's life left by the latter's bespectacled father, ████.

As ████ the 17th █████, SCP-████ simultaneously represents the first and last of his kind.

dependency flight male pilot scripture

Item #: ███

Object Class: Fleet

Special Care Procedures: SCP-███ is to be housed at a Foundation naval base along with her younger sisters. Fuel, ammunition, steel, bauxite, and tea are to be delivered from Foundation cafeterias to SCP-███ each day.

SCP-███ must not be deployed if heavily damaged, or at 0500 time, or against the USS Sealion (SS-315).

Description: SCP-███ is a humanoid female with brown hair and brown eyes. SCP-███'s appearance is typical of that of a young adult, but she is capable of gliding at fifteen (15) m/s on water without flotation. SCP-███ was found in 2014/08.

SCP-███ was born in Britain in 1913 but immediately migrated to the I███████ J███████ N. On her back, SCP-███ carries a rigging equipped with a 25mm Type 96 Triple A████████, resulting from an upgrade termed ██. Although SCP-███ does not require human sustenance, she has expressed profound appreciation for tea and ████s, true to her heritage, and will often share it with whoever holds the rank of ██████ at the Foundation base.

Like other Fleet-class entities including her sisters SCP-443 and SCP-495, SCP-███ considers it her duty to battle against the monstrous ██████s who threaten neutral waters.

diet explosive female fleet shooter

Item #: ████

Object Class: Aeolian

Special Care Procedures: One (1) bottle of high-quality red wine and one (1) bottle of high-quality white wine is to be delivered to SCP-████ daily as per his request.

SCP-████ is not to offer beverages including water, tea, or alcohol to anyone, including SCP-1155, unless the preparation, mixing, and pouring of said beverage occurs entirely above a table free of visual obstruction.

Soccer games are not allowed near SCP-████. In the event that a soccer ball lodges itself in a sufficiently elevated position in the vicinity of SCP-████, one (1) tall Foundation personnel is to be sent to retrieve the ball in SCP-████'s stead.

Description: SCP-████ is a 21-year old human male with white-and-purple hair and yellow eyes. SCP-████ is expected to be found in 2021/02.

SCP-████ is an ex-law enforcement officer and current member of the criminal gang ███████, along with Aeolian-class entities SCP-1155 and SCP-1175, who form an alliance to overthrow the mysterious Boss of the gang.

SCP-████ uses an upright projection (hereafter referred to as SCP-████-2) in combat, for example against █████ after being dragged into the mirror world. Although SCP-████-2's physical appearance remains unverifiable to the Foundation, according to SCP-████ himself it resembles a humanoid with a digital clock on its forehead and several speakers on its body. It shares a connection with the British rock band whose composer is Ray █████.

SCP-████ uses SCP-████-2's ability to transform into past versions of others to subvert many "executioners" targeting the Boss' daughter: ████ ███. Said executioners report to their squad leader Nero, whose upright projection specializes in manipulating ██.

aeolian chrono diet future male projection

Item #: ███

Object Class: Goliath

Special Care Procedures: SCP-███ is never to be called short, midget, or any other term deriding his vertical growth. Furthermore, SCP-███ has requested for distant communication to be done using signal flares.

SCP-███ and his soldiers are to be re-supplied with ultrahard steel, grapnel rope, and compressed gas canisters each day, as well as prior to each mission.

Surfaces in SCP-███'s living area are to be inspected for dust, grime, and other matter. Walls in particular must be scanned for biological beings both on their surface and interior.

SCP-███ is permitted to physically assault SCP-375 in public for political purposes — this does not contradict the Special Care Procedures of SCP-375.

Description: SCP-███ is a human male with black hair and grey eyes, speculated to be in his thirties. SCP-███ was found in 2014/07.

SCP-███ is a top-ranking member of a military corps whose other notable members include SCP-365 and SCP-375 and are easily recognized by their blue-and-white ████ ██ ███████ emblem. In direct contrast to the Anti-█████████ ███████ ████, which is armed for the express purpose of suppressing infantry, SCP-███'s group largely operates outside the national perimeter to secure intel and territory, until said perimeter is breached.

Being part of the ███████ ████, both SCP-███ and SCP-365 possess the ability to awaken to superhuman strength and intellect in dire situations. For instance, this allows SCP-███ to perform flashy lethal eliminations on foes from behind, by pushing the limits of ███████ ████████ing equipment to gain tremendous translational and rotational kinetic energy.

SCP-███'s squad comprises a number of trainees with troubled pasts, including one soldier going by the pseudonym Krista, and her close friend ███.

Addendum: When last sighted, SCP-███ looked particularly eager to clean, even more so than usual.

goliath leadership male sword

Item #: ██

Object Class: Memo

Special Care Procedures: SCP-██ is to be enrolled in 24.235J through MIT OCW until his fantasies of vigilantism and apotheosis have been sufficiently tempered as deemed by an ethics board.

D-class personnel interacting with SCP-██ are to wear a full face-covering mask at all times, and are never to disclose their name or any PII that could be used to trace their name. In the event that any such information is leaked, a Class-C Amnestic is to be administered to SCP-██. SCP-██ is never to be handcuffed together with SCP-17, as this would violate SCP-17's Special Care Procedures.

Removal of SCP-██-2 has been shown to drastically impair SCP-██'s mental faculties, including his memory. Therefore, SCP-██-2 is to remain with SCP-██ at all times. Consequently, all forms of writing implements, including pencils, pens, quills, markers, crayons, and brushes, are never to be placed within one hundred (100) meters of SCP-██. Requests for foodstuffs including bags of fried Solanum tuberosum slices made by SCP-██ are to be fulfilled, but their contents must be thoroughly inspected prior to consumption.

SCP-██ has been labelled Keter by a certain other Foundation. Failure to care for SCP-██ may result in his containment by a certain other Foundation.

Description: SCP-██ is a teenage human male with light-brown hair and brown eyes. SCP-██ carries an ebony ruled memo pad (hereafter referred to as SCP-██-2). Both SCP-██ and SCP-██-2 were found in 2008/04.

Using SCP-██-2, SCP-██ has the ability to kill based solely on knowledge of the target and not on distance, with his first high-profile victim being ███ . ██████, a criminal on death row. SCP-██ claims that it is not he himself but rather a deity who does the killing, though verifying the existence of such an entity through direct observation is currently impossible given the Foundation's known methods.

Care of SCP-██ would be significantly harder if he had the S████████ ███ ability, which would severely increase the potency of SCP-██-2, though fortunately he has declined ██ offering him this ability, favoring his own longevity.

SCP-██ shares a turbulent mix of friendship, rivalry, and enmity toward SCP-17; for anonymity purposes, the latter sometimes operates under pseudonyms such as ██████ ███, the moniker of the world's second best detective.

SCP-██ is capable of strategically orchestrating complex sequences of events, and likes to dramatically boast "████ ██ █████" after they unfold.

infohazard keter memo male student

Item #: ██

Object Class: Gloom

Special Care Procedures: SCP-██'s age is strictly classified information, due to usage of SCP-██-2.

SCP-██ may not wear contact lenses given by SCP-09.

SCP-██ may not enter into a romantic relationship with SCP-153, as such a relationship goes against the Special Care Procedures for SCP-09, and may result in an XK-Class End-of-the-World scenario. In general, users of SCP-██-2 are advised against entering into a romantic relationship with partners belonging to different planes.

Funding is to be wired anonymously to SCP-██'s club to cover expenses such as laptops, space heaters, and theater costumes, as to date no faculty has been willing to sponsor it.

Description: SCP-██ is a human female with red-brown hair. SCP-██ was found in 2007/09.

SCP-██ is the owner of the T P████ D██████████ D█████ (SCP-██-2), a tool which explains her existence in our present time.

SCP-██ is the deputy vice commander and mascot of the ███ ██████, a club whose official goal is to spread excitement all over the world, and whose de facto goal is to entertain the whims of SCP-09. All its members have, among other adventures, been trapped within ██████ █████, a sequence of events that has been repeated 15,532 times with minor differences.

chrono female gloom noncombat student

Item #: ███

Object Class: Cryo

Special Care Procedures: SCP-███ is to be given a private gymnasium-sized training space equipped with steel pipes, chilled brinewater, and blade-sharpening services.

Foundation personnel assigned to SCP-███'s care are to install Instagram, SNS, and similar social media applications on mobile devices they own, and inspect trendsetter accounts for any polls ranking male athletes based on charm. In the event that such a poll is ongoing, they must vote on all available devices to secure SCP-███'s ranking. Personnel must also assist SCP-███ with photographic documentation of his athletic feats upon request.

Description: SCP-███ is a 20-year old human male with dark hair and tanned skin. SCP-███ is a professional athlete training under coaches ███████ and Muramoto in the city of ██████. SCP-███ was found in 2019/01.

SCP-███ is capable of making a 1440-degree turn while airborne, for example with his second (2nd) half ██ ███ ████ which he showcased in China, though his competitors in the Cryo-class share this ability as well.

Foundation scientists are preparing DNA tests to verify SCP-███'s hereditary link to S████ C████████, a former prime minister of his home country. However, SCP-███ was coached in the United States, and considers SCP-736 his best friend, owing to the time when both entities were sharpening their skills in the city of █████.

cryo male noncombat technology

Item #: ██

Object Class: Eastern

Special Care Procedures: In the event that SCP-██ experiences financial distress, a public information campaign is to be run to spur donations of currency, tea, and sake at SCP-██'s shrine.

Whenever SCP-██ requests Procedure 1000-Graze, armed personnel are to fire bullets aimed at SCP-██, slightly askew of the torso area. Despite the apparent danger, no perforation will occur, and that the ensuing loud clicking noises will confirm that the bullets are not harmful but in fact beneficial to SCP-██ and other Eastern-class entities.

Description: SCP-██ is a human female in her late teens with black hair and brown eyes. SCP-██ is typically seen wearing a red-and-white dress and carrying a purification rod. SCP-██ was found in 2011/06.

SCP-██ is the inheritor of shamanistic powers including flight and yin-yang projectiles, which SCP-██ uses to resolve incidents. Past incidents are highlighted below.

Incident E-6: SCP-██ thwarts SCP-115's attempt to enshroud the sky in a s█████ ████. SCP-115 becomes a frequent tea party attendee at SCP-██'s shrine.

Incident P-7: SCP-██ thwarts SCP-148's ritual to delay Spring and resurrect a sentient tree called the █████ Ayakashi. SCP-148 becomes a frequent tea party attendee at SCP-██'s shrine.

Incident S-11: SCP-██ thwarts a plot to invade the above-ground world using nuclear arms. After the incident, SCP-██ battles SCP-604 for leisure, the latter making ample use of ████-shaped bullets. It remains unverified whether SCP-604 became a frequent tea party attendee at SCP-██'s shrine because SCP-604 is a cognitohazard who cannot be observed consciously.

Incident W-17: In the latest report known to the Foundation, SCP-██ thwarts yet another invasion attempt, this time instigated by infernal b████ █████s.

eastern female flight shrine space

Item #: ████

Object Class: Jungian

Special Care Procedures: SCP-████ is to be given weekly physical therapy until he is able to run with his former teammates on the track team again.

SCP-989 must be protected at all cost, even if it means sacrificing SCP-████ temporarily. This is because revival beads can be used to save SCP-████ but not SCP-989, and the latter is both the leader and the moral pillar of the team.

Though SCP-████ may be initially resistant, school counseling and jazz club attendance are conducive to SCP-████'s development, and should be scheduled regularly. Understanding SCP-████'s past and resolving his lingering regrets is necessary for evolving his picaresque projection.

Description: SCP-████ is a human male with blonde hair and brown eyes. According to SCP-████'s homeroom teacher, his hair is dyed, and was originally black. SCP-████ was found in 2019/12.

SCP-████ carries the codename ████ among the ██████ ███████ of █████, a band of vigilantes with seven (7) students and one (1) cat.

SCP-████ is symbolized by the ██████ arcana, which portends victory and self-confidence. All of his picaresque projections fall under this arcana. His first projection, ██████ ████, is based on a notorious Scottish seafarer, and is best suited for physical damage. In a pinch, this projection can also fulfill other roles, such as casting (Ma)███████ to support one (all) allies offensively.

With a bond forged through time and hardship, SCP-████ can acquire a new projection with a simian form, based on the protagonist from the classic novel ██████ to the ████.

dependency jungian male projection student

Item #: ███

Object Class: Herald

Special Care Procedures: SCP-███ is never to end her turn in range of an enemy paladin, berserker, or Faceless.

A rod store and staff store are to be built in the vicinity, as SCP-███ prefers to heal or mend allies rather than attack enemies. If necessary however, SCP-███ may be given a bow or hankyu for self-protection, for example if sent to activate a Dragon Vein without her retainers' protection.

SCP-███'s protection protocols are to be extended to her siblings. In particular, her oldest brother has a tendency to engage in duels-to-the-death, her second oldest brother is prone to being possessed, and her sister (or brother) SCP-718 is vulnerable to abduction and indecision.

SCP-███ may request to play music with SCP-659. This is permissible, but may only occur on neutral territory as a result of tensions between their respective kingdoms.

Description: SCP-███ is a human female in her late teens with pink hair and brown eyes. SCP-███ was found in 2018/05.

SCP-███ was the youngest of Queen █████'s six (6) children, though SCP-███ was not related to the Queen by blood, unlike SCP-718. SCP-███ was orphaned when the G██████ exploded, taking the Queen's life.

Two retainers keep constant watch over SCP-███ to ensure her safety: Hana the samurai and S████ the sky knight. SCP-███ herself has the innate potential to promote into a f████ ██████ for mobility or onmyouji for offense.

In contrast to her older sister's more offense-oriented R██████ Cry skill, SCP-███'s ███ ████████ helps nearby allies stay alive.

female herald orphan shrine

Item #: ████

Object Class: Utensil

Special Care Procedures: SCP-████ is to be gently awoken each morning 1 (one) hour prior to school bus arrival.

A Foundation pediatrician is to be assigned to SCP-████, with a medical background specializing in unusual cranial structures, suitable for SCP-████'s extremely protrusive maxilla and mandible.

The noncombat tag on SCP-████ is currently being re-evaluated based on two (2) instances of SCP-████ aiding superheroes in routing villainous monsters such as Imagins, suggesting that SCP-████'s keen interest in televised action dramas may go beyond mere fantasy.

Description: SCP-████ is a 5-year old human male with black eyes and black hair, and is most commonly seen in a red shirt and yellow shorts. SCP-████ was found in 2020/10.

SCP-████ lives under the despotic rule of his mother ████ (according to SCP-████), whose attempts to curb SCP-████'s television time and keep SCP-████'s posterior from being exposed to the elements have been met with resistance.

Together with Toru who has blue hair and ███ who has a head shaped like a rice ball, SCP-████ is part of the ████████ Class in kindergarten, wherein SCP-████'s antics have spoiled many lessons.

When SCP-████'s baby sister is kidnapped, he enlists the help of G██████ ███████ from Amanogawa High, a transforming hero, to rescue her. In a separate but related incident, SCP-████ joins forces with K████ R████ ██-, another transforming hero, to thwart a demon corrupting SCP-████'s mother's desire for SCP-████ to be punctual.

male noncombat student utensil

Item #: ████

Object Class: Vindicator

Special Care Procedures: Due to his size, SCP-████ has requested a storage container measuring thirteen (13) cm x thirteen (13) cm x thirteen (13) cm, rather than the default ten (10) cm x ten (10) cm x ten (10) cm.

SCP-████ is to be provided private farmland secluded from other Vindicator-class entities. SCP-████ also is to be enrolled in 14.452 on MIT OCW until an ethics board has reviewed SCP-████'s insights on macroeconomics and deemed him to be rehabilitated.

Foundation cafeteria is to provide utensils which match SCP-████'s mechanical preferences.

SCP-████ is not permitted to take custody of children, including children of other races. SCP-████ is also not permitted to wear gloves. In the event of a breach, Procedure Heist is to be initiated at the earliest possibility by any remaining Foundation personnel.

SCP-████ has been labelled Keter by a certain other Foundation. Failure to care for SCP-████ may result in 3.8 billion deaths, along with his containment by a certain other Foundation.

Description: SCP-████ is a hairless humanoid male with a height surpassing 2.5 m. SCP-████ was found in 2020/06.

SCP-████'s physical abilities dwarf even those of other Vindicator-class entities. Even when confronting SCP-863 wielding ██████████, SCP-████ incurred a harsh but non-fatal wound to the chest.

SCP-████ and SCP-1290 are among the few who have traveled to the planet ████ and returned, after paying its hefty cost.

SCP-866 once stole the cubic vessel containing the █████ ███ and attempted to use it to subjugate mankind, but SCP-████ wrested it from him using force and blackmail, and subsequently killed him. Procedure Heist has reversed SCP-866's apparent demise.

When asked by the Foundation about the ideal shape for cutlery, SCP-████ replied, "P████████ b██████, ██ ███ ██████ ██████ ██."

chrono male keter space teleportation

Item #: ████

Object Class: Scholar

Special Care Procedures: D-class personnel interacting with SCP-████ must continually maintain social distancing protocol, which is defined by arm's length separation. In the event that manual contact is necessary, SCP-████ is permitted to use his thumb, index, and middle finger only for the duration of the contact. SCP-████ is never to come in contact with SCP-1234 or his protégés , as SCP-████ currently seeks to eliminate SCP-1234 to throw society into chaos.

SCP-████ is not permitted to post job listings seeking applicants in secondary education.

Any Foundation meeting involving SCP-████ is to be classified as an all-hands meeting.

Due to SCP-████'s outstanding strength, intellect, and influence, SCP-████ is not to become any quirkier than he already is. Surgery on SCP-████ for non-life-threatening reasons is strictly forbidden.

Description: SCP-████ is a 20-year old human male with light blue (formerly black) hair and red eyes. His eyes are generally obstructed by fingers, though this does not appear to pose any problems for his vision. SCP-████ was found in 2020/01.

Any solid which comes into contact with all five fingers of one of SCP-████'s hands will lose its structural integrity and disintegrate. SCP-████ used this ability to disable the right arm of ██████ ███, a professional rescuer who also works as a teacher.

SCP-████ awakened to this power as a child, then named ███ ███████, in an accident which cost the lives of his family. SCP-████ was subsequently recruited by Sensei into the ██████ of ██████s.

SCP-████ once formed an alliance with the syndicate leader Overhaul, then backstabbed him in a moment of weakness by disintegrating his limbs in order to gain possession of the rare █████-█████████ Drug.

male keter orphan scholar

Item #: ███

Object Class: Employee

Special Care Procedures: Instances of SCP-███ live in self-sustaining civilizations with other Employee-class entities. These civilizations are hereafter referred to as "streams", and the Foundation must ensure the well-being of these streams as part of caring for SCP-███.

For all streams known to the Foundation, an exact live count of the number of instances of SCP-███ must be monitored at all times. In the event of loss of more than 75% of instances of SCP-███ in any stream, on-site medical personnel are required to respond immediately to ensure the survival of remaining instances of SCP-███, terminating any hostile entities on sight, as well as organize the migration of instances of SCP-███ from nearby streams. In extreme cases, rogue members of the stream may be terminated using chemical weapons.

Large-scale losses of SCP-███ instances must be reported to the Council immediately. Losing of the majority of SCP-███ instances worldwide may result in a BI-class biological invasion scenario.

Description: SCP-███ is a collection of humanoids of varying gender and age, with pale skin, white clothes, and a white hat. All mature instances of SCP-███ are equipped with a close-range combat weapon such as a knife or longsword which they are proficient at handling, and can furthermore movement rapidly through narrow passageways such as ventilation shafts. The first instance of SCP-███, a middle-aged male (hereafter referred to as SCP-███-1146) was found in 2019/01.

Within their civilization, instances of SCP-1214, also known collectively as h████████, deliver boxed packages to and from SCP-███ and other entities containing sustenance or waste products. Unrecognized entities who invade the civilization are attacked on sight by SCP-███. SCP-1036 instances are th████████s who repair the damage done in these encounters using an ability called h███████.

Despite the sheer size of their civilization and the fungible appearances of SCP-███ and SCP-1214, Foundation scientists are baffled by the fact that the male SCP-███-1146 and the female SCP-1214-3803 consistently manage to locate each other in the facility, defying all laws of probability.

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Item #: ██

Object Class: Topper

Special Care Procedures: Requests for target range access, rifling accessories, and teaching material made by SCP-██ are to be granted whenever possible.

A GoI consisting of four (4) hostile humanoids with advanced weaponry are known enemies of SCP-██ and her allies. These are codenamed Suzaku, Seiryu, Genbu, and Byakko. Should this GoI initiate an attack targeting SCP-██ and allies, personnel and weaponry should be deployed to assist SCP-██.

In the event of SCP-935's abduction, escape, or death, a statue is to be erected in honor of SCP-935. This countermeasure is intended to alleviate the inevitable emotional distress from SCP-██.

Since SCP-██ has professional experience as an educator, she is permitted to teach classes on a voluntary basis, including to D-class personnel. Pets such as pigs and moles who display an affinity toward SCP-██ are allowed, and in fact encouraged.

Description: SCP-██ is a human female with red hair and amber eyes in her teens or twenties. She is commonly seen wearing a ███ scarf. SCP-██ was found in 2009/02.

SCP-██ is the resident sharpshooter in the ██-██████ Brigade, which is known for its red-black emblem, though she can also function as a pilot when needed. SCP-██'s preferred weaponry for sharpshooting is a modified ██████-M82.

Her first major military involvement with this Brigade was in the ██████ War, which ended in victory for SCP-██ following the ephemeral death of █████████.

female shooter space pilot topper

████████ ████████