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by Jakob Weisblat

This is a puzzle about the former names of things:
  • Brad’s Drink is the former name of Pepsi
  • Kibble is the former name of Netflix
  • Lenny, Penny and Kenny was an old working title of The Big Bang Theory
  • Nyasaland was a British protectorate that preceded Malawi
  • Girl’s Tyme is the former name of Destiny’s Child
  • Raider is what Twix used to be called
  • Ashdown House used to be in the building now known as Maseeh Hall
  • Yathrib was the pre-Islam name of Medina
  • Smeagol is what Gollum used to be called

Taking the first letters of each former name, we get BKLN GRAYS. The Brooklyn Grays is a former name of the Los Angeles Dodgers, so the answer is LA DODGERS.

Author’s Notes

This puzzle was originally going to be about things that had more well-known former names, such as Prince and Alphabet, but this direction ended up being more interesting.