Fish Hybridization

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This is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons puzzle.

Each clue clues the "crossing" of two fish by their "capture quotes".

Ignoring spaces, the names of the two fish in each "crossing" have the same length and exactly one letter at the same position, which you should extract.

A question that captured everybody’s attention in 2020: What’s the result of crossing one fish with another?

  1. This fish has the highest quantity of elements like lead and mercury, which means people who catch it tend to blame somebody else.
  2. It is generally recommended that catchers wear a suitable kind of protective liquid when catching this fish, which is an ideal addition to dessert.
  3. This fish requires significant room to transport, which means people usually try to catch at least two and transport them together.
  4. People who catch this fish say that it symbolizes having opinions that are worthy of consideration and being pretty good at anger management.
  5. People are often inspired to want to catch additional fish after this one, but with the caveat that none of them should be the same species.
  6. No matter which of the terrestrial, aerial, and aquatic forms of this fish you catch, you should always be wary of its mouth.
  7. Reactions to catching this fish tend to emulate pirates and Barack Obama in a famous meme.
  8. Catching this fish tends to produce emotions of strong affection, but also, it's worth repeating, selfish possessiveness.