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There are 8 words to find in the word search, corresponding to the 8 crossword-style clues given. If you have guesses for the words, it may be helpful to use the plaintext version to verify their presence.

arrow, visual

You may have noticed that every word in the word search contains the letter X. Also the word search image itself is in a special square font with 0 gap between adjacent letters.

Try looking around the X in each word for a common shape. You'll know you have the right shape when the title of the puzzle makes sense.

konami, code

There are 8 arrows that spell out a sequence of 8 directions. As suggested by the flavortext, this sequence of directions is related to a certain Code.

konami, code

Have you tried inputting the Konami Code on the puzzle page? Note that the full Konami Code contains 2 more button presses after the 8 directional inputs.


The 8 colored arrows and 8 numbers have matching colors. It may be helpful to count letters in the direction of each arrow (including the X).

Where is your package? Perhaps you could track it, if only you had the code.

Plaintext version

Turn a square-rigged ship, in naval jargon

Where the last Enigma message was sent during WWII



"Yourselves" case

1729 is this kind of number

Lord _____ (Twitch Plays Pokémon meme)

Able, super, or uni, e.g.