Escape! Hayden Library

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keys, chairs

There are 2 keys under each chair, and there are 14 chairs in the room. Where else might you find keys?

button, stairs

Try inputting something in Morse code with the button. Can you find anything that looks like it might go with it?


If you're stuck, you can always try shaking pieces of paper.


You'll need to overlay the piece of paper with red, green, and blue circles on top of something else.

code, x

Have a player stand on the "X" in the lower portion of Hayden, and see what happens up above!

Yew Labs anticipates that you will need to use the Projection Device for this puzzle.

Please proceed to Hayden Library via Building 14 with at least two team members.

After you're done, talk to the ⊥IW Puzzle Club member directly outside the room for your prize!