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finding the sphinx

The Alchemist is a sculpture on MIT's real campus near the student center. In ⊥IW, it's transformed into a Sphinx! You can still find it right next to the Student Center. You'll need to interact with it to solve this puzzle.


Each of the riddle's answers is a common English word.


The real Alchemist is made up of math symbols, but not all the symbols shown here are math symbols. What do the non-math symbols have in common?


There are 9 alchemical symbols shown on the interior of the Sphinx. Each symbol represents an element or compound and each can be associated with one of the answers to the riddles.


The nine symbols give you an ordering of the 9 riddle answers.

extraction, index

Each alchemical symbol is adjacent to exactly one number. (Be careful not to mix up an epsilon and a three!)

You can use these numbers to index into the corresponding riddle answer.

Yew Labs anticipates that you will need to use the Projection Device for this puzzle.
The Alchemist is looking pretty scary these days...