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This puzzle is about Nintendo GameCube trivia. The initial image is a meta puzzle that uses 6 subpuzzles corresponding to the 6 die faces.

subpuzzle1 start

This is a numberlink and the colors refer to Nintendo GameCube console colors.

subpuzzle2 start

This subpuzzle involves looking up unused test maps or test levels for Nintendo GameCube games. For example, I_TestM refers to a test map in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. A site that may be of aid is

subpuzzle3 start

Each line in this subpuzzle references a specific Nintendo GameCube game's title, but with each word replaced by a synonym. For example, Plumber club sport: frog chair journey is Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

subpuzzle4 start + extraction

This puzzle is about commercials for Nintendo GameCube games. To extract, index into the missing word in each quote by the number of words in the quote.

subpuzzle 5 start

Each of these refers to a specific GameCube accessory. The black pixels in the top left extract to a helpful clue phrase.

subpuzzle6 start / extraction

This subpuzzle is about Nintendo GameCube game covers. Each game cover is from a game that is exclusive to Japan (with one exception which is a Japan and Europe exclusive). Extract via the red circled letter on each game cover.

subpuzzle1 extraction

Fill in the full names of each Nintendo GameCube console color along the numberlink paths. Extract the answer for this subpuzzle by reading the letters on top of the numbered squares and ordering by their numbers.

subpuzzle3 extract

For each game, look up the number of memory blocks it uses and convert it alphanumerically to a letter. Some sites that are good references for this are MobyGames or GameSpy.

subpuzzle5 extraction

The top left pixel in each image has a color whose hex value is between 1 and 26 which should be converted numerically.

meta extraction

Each subpuzzle answer is 15 letters long and the metapuzzle's image references the Nintendo GameCube's start up animation.

The cube in the start up animation has 15 steps in a specific pattern. Look at the number on the die face that is visible / on top at each step in the animation. Take the appropriate letter from the corresponding subpuzzle's answer.

  • newtest: How many green tree stumps are there? Multiply that number by 3.
  • I_TestM: In the walled off section, how many fully visible 15's are there in between the 20's?
  • I_TestM: How many rungs are on the 4th tallest ladder?
  • newtest: What is the last letter of the word between "grass" and "sand"?
  • test11: How many shiny collectibles are there?
  • test11: There are a number of red objects in a row. What is the square of that number?
  • SIMPLE: How many question marks are there?
  • I_TestM: What number is on the orange blocks by the pool?
  • TEST: How many connected components are there in this stage?
  • test11: This sports item is found here. What is its second letter?
  • newtest: How many tree stumps are on the ramp?
  • TEST: What is the last letter of the cafe this takes place in?
  • SIMPLE: How many blue ring check H boards are there?
  • SIMPLE: How many boost panels are there on thin air?
  • TEST: Music from this series plays. What is the first letter of the series's name?

  • Plumber club sport: frog chair journey
  • Sound related people on horseback
  • Royalty of Iran: the duo chairs
  • Lead sly animal: strike
  • Motocross abbreviation for adults
  • Hat top-level domain against Playmore corporation 2 exec. order
  • Inhabitant sin 2
  • Correct offense: The Big Apple
  • Let go symbol: trail of luster
  • Yonder moral & corrupt
  • Forever in shadow: mental soundness's elegy
  • Magician Franco actor Philip's expert cycle sport 2
  • Beast abode
  • Excellent former NY governor daylight
  • Styles ceramist and the hall of mysteries

“Have supersonic ___”

“Nice ___”

“I said with ___”

“Beat ‘em, ___”

“Water to ___”

“Monkey boat ___”

“Newest adventure now in 3d, ___”

“To pile-drive your ___”

“Ones to Metroid ___”

“Is, do you have a ___”

“Nice ___”

“Fighters a right ___”

“The ___”

“You get it, a ___”

“Harder hits than a ___”