Solution to Countries

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by Brian Chen

Each paragraph describes a journey through a landscape modeled after a country’s flag, with the most obvious assignments of colors to types of terrain:

  • blue areas are water, with darker blues corresponding to deeper water; their shapes and boundaries also determine the meaning of words like “peninsula”, “shore”, and “island”
  • white areas are snowy regions
  • yellow areas are desert or sandy regions
  • green areas are grassy
  • the one red area is a volcano
  • the one black area is a coal deposit

In addition, the journey follows a path that traces a number. Indexing the number into the country name produces the answer, HABITUAL.

MapCountryIndexExtracted Letter
Marshall Islands 5 H
Bosnia and Herzegovina 6 A
Brazil 1 B
Finland 2 I
Djibouti 7 T
Nauru 3 U
Kazakhstan 2 A
Lesotho 1 L