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None of the paragraphs describe actual terrain.


Each type of terrain corresponds to a color.


Each paragraph corresponds to a country's flag.


The first letters of the countries, in alphabetical order, are B, B, D, F, K, L, M, and N.


Each itinerary presents information that is useful beyond just the identification of the flag.


Each path travelled forms a familiar shape.


Each path travelled is a numeral, which serves as an index.

I started my journey from the base of the peninsula of this country, and traveled by boat to the north end of the oddly shaped snowy island. From there I went to the diametrically opposed point of that island before departing it to the east for the mainland again. I disembarked on the sandy beaches and traveled south, experiencing a little bit of the snowy half of the peninsula before I had to get on a boat again. This time I continued south for a little more before finally turning my boat towards the very tip of the peninsula, where I ended my journey.

I started my journey from the northeastern corner of this country and traveled west across its desert landscape before arriving at the west coast. From there I could see several of the snowy islands just off its coast, so I got into a boat again and traveled between two of them into the ocean just southwest of the country. When I was satisfied with my position, I turned my boat in a counterclockwise loop to look at some of the other islands before ending my journey.

I started my journey from the northern tip of this country’s desert, where the grasslands end. From there I passed through the desert and hopped in a boat to travel straight across the big lake. I had to briefly exit the water on the thin snowy isthmus with a few spots of grass before re-entering the lake, after which I also had to carefully weave a path between the scattered cluster of snowy islands. I reached the desert on the other side and kept going a little longer until I reached grassland again, where I ended my journey.

I started my journey in the northwest corner of this snowy country. There wasn’t anything to see other than the snow and water, but I crossed the intersecting rivers three times — to the wider northeast, through the intersection to the southwest, and then east again to the southeast corner, where I ended my journey.

I started my journey in this country’s snowy sector, just north of the unusual five-pointed fiery volcano. From there, I traveled east, got a boat, and headed into the water (at an angle to the shoreline). In the water, I turned at a sharp angle — changing direction by somewhat more than 90 degrees — to head for the grasslands; once I had disembarked and walked a bit further through the grass, I ended my journey.

I started my journey in the waters in the northwest of this country, north of the narrow arid isthmus as well as the oddly shaped snowy island that together comprised this country’s entire land mass. I traveled east, then turned sharply to the southwest and landed on the isthmus. I then entered this country’s southern waters, heading to the southeast, before making another sharp turn towards the aforementioned snowy island. Once I had reached the island, I ended my journey.

I started my journey from the north end of the extremely intricately shaped desert island at the edge of this country. From there I traveled across the shallow water to the northernmost island of the other cluster of desert islands that made up this country. I admired the biggest, roundest island to my south before cutting across a few other islands that were the same size as the one I was on right then to head straight for the southern end of the island I had started on. Finally, I traveled straight east across the water again until I could see the second island cluster to my north again, specifically its jagged coastline, at which point I ended my journey.

I started my journey in the northern waters of this country. From there, I traveled south to the snowy coast and disembarked, after which I almost immediately entered the large coal deposits in the middle. Continuing straight on, I experienced a few more patches of snow close to the other end of the gradually widening deposits before reaching the grasslands on the other side, where I ended my journey.