Solution to Cooperation

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by Alan Huang

This is a bog-standard rebus, except that you’re limited to a small circular viewport in the middle of your browser. The puzzle image is only revealed in places where at least three of your team members’ circles overlap. On desktop browsers, you can move the circle by unmaximizing your window and dragging it around. On mobile browsers, you can move it by tilting the device.

The full image is above. The rebus solves to (MARS - S) + (COAT - AT) + (CHARTREUSE - CHART - E) = MARCO REUS, a German footballer.

Author’s Notes

Sorry for any technical glitches you encountered while solving this puzzle. It turns out this is one of those things that modern browsers give you just enough rope to implement, but not in any consistent or reliable way. 🙃️

At least some teams seem to have dismissed the intended behavior (the circle is anchored to your browser window) as a bug, and latched onto the buggy behavior (the circle moves a bit as your mouse moves) as correct. This was both amusing and dismaying during Hunt.