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Like the introductory text says, you'll need more than one team member looking at this puzzle to solve it.

desktop, computer

If you're looking at the puzzle on a computer, try unmaximizing your browser window.

mobile, phone

If you're looking at the puzzle on a mobile device, try moving the device around.

stuck, blank, circle

This puzzle consists of an image you can't see. Each of your team members looking at the puzzle page has a circle that they can control the position of. Whenever three circles overlap, that part of the image becomes visible. Coordinate to move around and reveal the whole image bit by bit.

rebus, extract

The answer is the name of a soccer (football) player that results from solving the rebus. The enumeration is (5 4).

While this puzzle is intended to be functional on most modern desktop and mobile browsers, it may be most reliable in Chrome. We also recommend having no more than about 10 people at a time.