Common Knowledge

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Every colored line represents a sequence of items. Every box represents an individual item. Boxes that are on multiple lines are, possibly with a little bit of massaging, on multiple sequences.


The shapes of the colored lines are intended to be related to the sequences. Furthermore, you can use the number of boxes along the lines to help with identification. For example, the red line has 26 items, and the orange line has 24 items.

more blatant hint on a line

The orange line is shaped like a country, and indeed it's an alphabet of some sort.

giving away orange

The orange line is shaped like Greece. Note that there are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet.

orange to red

There are two possible starting points in the orange line. One of them intersects the red line in ALPHA and DELTA. (Remember that red has 26 items.) Can you think of another alphabet that has ALPHA and DELTA as part of the set?


Reorder by arranging the colors in rainbow order. Read the first letters.