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Minerva is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Athena. Can you assign some of your answers to Minerva and some to Athena?

All of your answers have two roots. Some of them have two Latin roots and some of them have two Greek roots.

The titles of the puzzles are relevant.

The cluster building numbers listed on the round page are relevant.

Each the Latin roots involved in this puzzle has a Greek root that has the same meaning (and vice versa). Try translating both roots of each answer into the other language to form a new English word.

tense, form, part of speech

Keep the part of speech of your translated answer the same as your answer itself.

Use the first letters of the puzzle titles to order each set of Latin and Greek answers independently. Note that while the third letter of the Latin alphabet is C, the third letter of the Greek alphabet is Gamma.

Index the building number of the cluster (which can be found on the round page) into the translated answer.

You should end up with two more roots: one Greek and one Latin. You'll need to "do it again" one last time.

metalinguistics, metalinguistic

Your final answer should answer the question posed on the metapuzzle page: "Who can help resolve this debate?"

Students at ⊥IW can't decide whether to call their computer labs Athena Clusters or Minerva Clusters. Who can help resolve this debate?