The Lobster Network

Congratulations! In this short time, you have all become experts in swimming, archery, fencing and pistol.

It’s time to apply what you’ve learned to fix the Charles River. As you saw earlier, the river is overrun by lobsters. We suspect it has something to do with something we’ve introduced into this universe, but we don’t have the technology to part the red sea and see what’s going on.

In lieu of that, we’ve planted a couple spies (humans wearing lobster costumes) to intercept their messages encrypted by a pier to pier network. We believe our spies have cracked the case on what’s drawing all the lobsters, but they can’t directly communicate it to us, so we’ll have to decode it for ourselves. What must we do to dispel these criminal crisis-creating crustaceans?

Note: Every node outputs a coherent English word. The sneaky lobsters think if they do that then we won’t realize something’s funny going on...