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These are all screenshots from music videos of queens related to Rupaul's Drag Race. Can you identify which videos these are?


There are eight different music videos. A combination of asking people familiar with the show, reverse image searching, scrolling through a list of drag music videos, can help with IDing.


Three of the music videos are Back To My Roots, Walking Children in Nature, and Mean Gays. [testsolves showed these were the three hardest to id]


Notice that the number of screenshots for each video is different. Can you relate this number to the video, somehow?


The number of screenshots each video has is the same as the number of letters in the drag queen's first name.


Seeing a grid of letters, we are now inspired to do a word search. The lengths of the hidden words are below the grid of letters.


Two of the trickier words to find are YAAAS and OKUUUR.


Find all the words on the grid and read off the remaining letters to get a cluephrase.

Note (not a clue):

This puzzle contains some explicit language and imagery.

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